Nurse From Hell: Italian Nurse Accused Of Killing 38 Patients Because They Annoyed Her

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Wait a minute, is she a nurse or an ex psychiatric patient who forged her nursing certificates? An Italian nurse, Daniela Poggiali, 42, who worked at a Lugo hospital has been accused of killing 38 patients because she thought they and their visiting families were annoying.image
According to an Italian newspaper, Corriere D Bologna, Daniela was arrested on Friday on murder charges after authorities began investigating the April death of 78-year-old Rosa Calderoni, who was admitted with a diabetes related ailment when Poggiali was on duty and died from what officials believe was a fatal injection of potassium chloride.

Further investigations found that 37 other patients died mysteriously on her watch. Though according to prosecutors, the investigation is more difficult because potassium chloride fades from the bloodstream within a couple of days making it hard to detect.

Police said she slipped non-lethal sedatives to some patients so they wouldn’t disturb her, and once gave strong laxatives to a colleague’s patient in a bid to embarrass and create more work for the other nurses. According to New York post, her cell phone had selfies she took with some of the corpses including a photo of her posing next to a dead patient with the thumbs up sign and one she posted online with the caption “Brr….mmmm…..Life and death….mmmm”.

In your own opinion, do you think this killer nurse deserves to be sent to jail or a well guarded psychiatric hospital where she will be chained up? I mean who in her right senses does what she did?

Kathy Esan

Kathy Esan

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