No More Classico If Catalonia Gain Independence

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The region of Catalonia is set to hold and independence referendum next month and if the voters choose to become and independent state, Barcelona would be kicked out of the La Liga, bringing an end to their famous clashes with Real Madrid and recently Atletico Madrid

According to sport law, if Catalonia gain independence, Barcelona would have to quit the La Liga. LFP president, Javier Tabes spoke about the situation saying ‘If Catalonia became independent, taking into consideration the Sports Law that would be enforced by the rest of Spain, Barcelona would not be allowed to play.’ Without a change of law, Barcelona may be forced to start playing in a Catalonian League of elsewhere but definitely not Spain.

Barcelona officials have been in talks with the French Football Federation trying to come to an agreement that would allow Barcelona play in the League 1.

Espanyol are another La Liga side from Catalonia that would be Kicked out of the league as well as Barcelona B from Liga Adelante.

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