Ms Animus Episode 8 by @Tomilola_coco #OctoberSpecial #MsAnimus

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Ms Animus


He didn’t pick her calls after then, didn’t respond to her text and wouldn’t take the phone whenever she called his mother and asked after him.

She blew it.

She should have known what she wanted was going to ruin their friendship. Yet she asked.

She was selfish.

She saw him in court after then, during his trial.

And during it all, he had refused to make eye contact with her.

That hurt her in ways she couldn’t explain and she wondered if he would ever forgive her.

The last morning they spent together was still vivid in her mind. Thinking about it was enough to make her climax but she consciously tried to push it out of her mind’s eye whenever they were in court.

“….discharged and acquitted…”

She heard the words clearly from the Judge. This meant Dapo was now really free. She smiled at him but her smile met a blank stare.

Outside the court, his mother was all over her. She was thankful and she invited her to yet another dinner at the house.

Tiwa did not need to glance at Monica before she knew the other woman didn’t like the idea. But Tiwa wanted to see Dapo again, she wanted to apologize to him and tell him why she had asked for him to commit another crime.

So she said Yes and ignored the acidic stares Monica sent her way.


At the office, there was a party awaiting her.

It happened whenever anyone won a Pro Bono case. They never celebrated the other cases like this but they did the Pro Bono cases because to them, those were the ones that were worth celebrating.

Thanks to them, someone out there who couldn’t afford justice was now being set free and that was the most amazing thing that could ever happen.

They partied and drank and everyone congratulated her but she could only think of one person- Dapo.

His thoughts lingered longer on her mind these days and forgetting him wasn’t an option anymore.

Again, the last morning they spent together in her kitchen flooded her memory and she bit her lip unconsciously.

She wanted him more. He had opened up a deep hunger and only him could fill it.


Mrs Obisesan could hear the agitated voices from the front door.

As she made her way into the kitchen, she could pick out the voices; Monica and Dapo. They both sounded angry but she couldn’t tell why.

“I did it for you just like I waited for you, I am still waiting for you and I will always wait for you!”

“And I have told you to stop waiting! Monica you cannot just expect me to pick up from where we left it seven years ago. I don’t even feel that way anymore”

“How would you feel that way when half of the time you are looking at her like she is the only woman in the world.”

Dapo paused; he did not say anything to that.

Maybe the reason he looked at her like she was the only woman in the world was because she was slowly becoming the only woman in his world.

Mrs. Obisesan had walked in now, she looked at the angry pair and decided it was time to separate them before world war three began.

“Adedapo, please help me throw this dirt outside” She said pointing to the half filled trash nylon in the kitchen.

Dapo looked at it, grabbed the nylon and strode out of the kitchen.

Monica turned to Mrs. Obisesan, ready to tell the older woman how hurt she was but that was not going to happen as they heard a gunshot.

Alarmed, the two women raced to the front door.

Dapo was lying there, unconscious.



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  1. tomi!!!..u had beta post the remaining part of this episode before I ………..BT u knw its too short also naa…pls help wit the remainder and episode 9 if possible…

  2. Tomi, This episode is shorter than ur typing thumb, lol. I’m loving every episode, keep it coming boo! Pls don’t stop!

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