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Ms Animus

Tiwa was restless because she had not been able to reach him on phone and because she wanted to tell him the three words that she now undoubtedly felt and that she could not keep inside much longer.

He had left earlier, telling her to gather her thoughts together and be sure of her feelings if she wanted them to have a meaningful relationship but he had not seemed angry. He had seemed calm, calm and very much serene. So why was he not picking up?

She tossed and turned and then again, dialed his number. It rang off the hook. She wished she knew some other means to connect him.


Chima was too egoistic to let his woman and his company be taken away from him by two different people he couldn’t stand all in the same period of time.

Dapo Obisesan might have gotten Tiwa because he had gotten the woman to fall hard for him but he was not going to let Chris Owambe work some magic on his company and take it away from him.

The man had said he was just shipping in guns and some funny drugs from America but he was not allowing that.

Chima was not the type of man who would win citizen of the year award, heck he was not the most patriotic man in Nigeria and he didn’t even know how to sing the National Anthem correctly (not even when it had mattered in Primary and Secondary school), but he was not going to be the one to make his country a worse and more dangerous place to live in.

He was not going to let his precious company be used as an arsenal for Chris Owambe’s weapons.

He took a seat opposite Chris now in the hotel the latter liked to dine at, a smile on his face.

“Chima, Chima. My padi that cannot stand me” He said with a throaty laugh.

Chima wanted to punch him right in the face but he held his fists to himself and managed to laugh. He might not be putting up an AMAA or AMVCA winning performance at the moment, but he was convincing enough.

“This is hard to do I swear but…”

“Oh please. We all do things we do not want to do but its all about money and the general safety of the Nigerian population.” Chris cut in.

Chima was not sure what those ridiculous words were supposed to mean? Was he saying he was doing bad things because of the money or because of the general safety of the Nigerian population? Whatever the case might be, the man sounded retarded.

He eyed the glass of wine in front of Chris, the man was probably drunk.

Chris took Chima’s gaze on the glass of wine to mean he wanted some and so he offered him, “Do you want some?”

Chima shook his head and smiled, “No. No thank you.”

Chris shrugged and topped his glass then he continued with his conversation with Chima, “So what is going to happen now? Are you going to play ball?”

Chima nodded, he was going to play ball.

“Good. Good boy. Correct boy. Davido has one concert tomorrow night and I have already bought VVVVIP tickets for it but immediately after the show, both of us will go and see the guys. I have already given them go ahead but you know… since… since we are in it together now.”

Chima could not believe the man had gone ahead to make plans about the guns and drugs without telling him but he decided to keep his anger under control.

He had a plan and he was not ruining it now.

“No Problem.” Chima said with yet another forced smile. He knew his cheeks were going to ache him so bad after that night from too much fake smiles.

“It is because the show is VVVVIP sef, I will not have gone…”

Chima noticed the extra V he attached to the VVIP section and he concluded the man was really drunk.That was his clue.

He stood, “I will see you tomorrow then.”

Chris nodded and shook hands with him, “No wahala.”


Bode was nervous. He was never the one to be nervous or jittery about anything but at that very moment, he was nervous.

Halima noticed it and eyed him, “You’re nervous Chairmo, stop it. Its making you look funny” she muttered and then returned her gaze to the laptop in front of her.

They were in Dapo’s house and they were monitoring him through Halima’s laptop because of a tracking device that was on him while simultaneously listening to the conversation he was having with Lanre Ige because of the wire he’d been wearing before he left the house.

“This is scary. I don’t trust these guys.” Bode muttered, trying to get his nerves under control.

“Calm down, Chairmo. Your cousin is not going to die.” Halima said with a hint of irritation. She was a tough one; she had been raised by a prostitute mother and an armed robber father, had lived on the streets till she was seventeen.

She had tried to rob Bode and one of his boys had caught her and threatened to beat her silly when Bode stepped in. Something about her had drawn him to her and had made him desperately want to help her, made him want to be responsible for her.

He’d tried his best to rehabilitate her. She was smart, had managed to finish SSCE with good grades and so it had been easy to send her to the University.

However, Halima might have been in one of the best federal universities and might have been cleaned up by Bode but she was still street in her ways and it took a lot of motivational speaking everyday for her to remember she was not a hooker or a robber, she was a computer scientist.

A badass computer scientist. Halima had picked up other interesting things about the IT world in school and she had gone from the average student to someone who knew almost enough to make Zuckerberg jealous.

Initially, it had been because she wanted to hack into rich people’s bank accounts and her ex boyfriend’s Twitter DMs but with time, it became for more positive uses.

“Me I don’t think we can know anything like this o. We need to fix cameras on the guys gangan. The ones who have a motive we don’t know.” She said and Bode agreed instantly.

They could not afford to be moving at Snail’s speed if they wanted to get something from IGE&OBI. They could not afford all the time in the world seeing as IGE&OBI wanted Dapo to do a job tonight.

“You’re right. But what do we do? They clearly have plans for tonight and our guy might be dead before morning like the ones before him.” Bode would not forgive himself if anything happened to him.

Just then, his phone rang. It was Dapo’s mother. He froze.

“Pick na” Halima urged him.

He picked up the phone mechanically like a zombie, afraid of what the woman might ask.

“Bode bawo ni?” She asked from the other end of the line.

“Daadaa ni ma” He replied

“Joo, aburo e nko? I have been trying to reach him for a while now and he said you were coming to his house earlier.”

Bode shut his eyes tightly as he concorted a lie, “He went out to buy petrol for the generator, I think he forgot his phone. I will have him call you back when he gets home.”

“Okay. But please tell him to be careful. I have told him to vacate that house and come back here. God will do what He will do and we will be fine. I don’t trust those people at all.”

This made Bode feel guilty but he still managed to say, “Motigbo ma. I will make sure I tell him that.”

And as if he was not feeling guilty enough, she said before she ended the call, “Take care of him Bode, he is your brother.”

That made him decide he would do everything within his power to keep him safe no matter what it was.

When the call ended, he turned to Halima. But just as he was about to ask her what they were going to do next, they heard a knock.

Halima opened the door for Tiwa who looked at her with a puzzled look.

Bode was there in seconds to save a potentially awkward situation.

“Hey Tiwa.”

Tiwa smiled politely at Bode and then Halima, “Where is Dapo?”

“About to be dead” Halima said playfully and Bode shot her a warning look. She chuckled.

Bode hurriedly brought Tiwa to speed.

“Oh my goodness, he’s in big trouble then. We have to do something ASAP” she said, scared of what might be happening to Dapo as she spoke.

“Yes, but I don’t know what to do” Bode confessed, ashamed that he who always knew everything knew nothing at the moment.

“I do though.” Halima said, a smile playing on her lips.

Both of them faced her immediately, waiting for the ticket to get Dapo out of potential disaster.


“Please be careful.” Tiwa pleaded as Halima got ready to set their plans in motion where they were outside the building Dapo was inside.

Halima looked at her and chuckled, “Okay wifey.”

The plan was to jam two different wires together so that the one that was connected with the wire Dapo was wearing in the building would cause him to behave erratically and eventually cause Lanre Ige to dismiss him.

“I just hope they don’t find out he’s wearing a wire. I just hope this works…”

“I just hope you’ll stop talking, wifey.” Halima snapped as she got to work.

Bode glanced at Tiwa in the backseat and gently patted her shoulder, “He would be fine. Let’s just hope.”

Tiwa nodded slowly. She hoped that would be the case. She hoped he would not go away from her before she could tell him how she felt.

She hoped he would be fine so she could tell him she wanted him forever…

“Done.” Halima said bursting into her thoughts. She showed them the two wires she had jammed together, “These two babies will be causing him to act like someone that has epilepsy right now.” she faced Tiwa, “Expect him through the door soon, wifey.”

Tiwa held her breath as she stared at the door of the large building.


Dapo was not sure what was causing the wire to act that way. He had tried not to react but right now, he couldn’t help it. He tried not to scream but he soon yelled out and jumped out of his chair, startling Lanre Ige.

“What’s the matter with you?” Lanre Ige asked, confused.

“I don’t know.” He managed to say as he started for the door.

“Young man, where are you going? I just told you we are…”

But Dapo was gone. Lanre was irate. But he was too shocked to speak or move or think.

And that gave Dapo enough time to reach the bottom of the stairs, find Bode’s car and hop into it quickly.

The car sped towards the road immediately.

Dapo yanked off the wire breathlessly, Tiwa helping him.

“What the fuck did you guys do?” He asked, trying to stabilize his emotions.

“You’re welcome, Scofield.” Halima said from the front seat.

Tiwa held Dapo close and muttered the three words she’d been dying to say to him but he wanted to hear more. He wanted to know what exactly they did and what they intended to do next.

“Calm down and say I love you too to wifey, Scofield.” Halima snapped and Dapo told himself right there and then that he was not sure he liked Halima very much.


“I just want to know what we are doing parked outside this office. We are messing with really evil people here, guys. We cannot afford to get caught, our lives are in danger.” Dapo said to everyone in the car. Only Tiwa seemed to understand him and to agree with him as she clung to him like her life depended on it.

Bode helped Halima zip up a sexy catsuit and then handed her a snap back as she prepared to get out of the car.

“Chairmo?” Dapo called his cousin, expecting a response.

“Dude calm down. I’ll explain when I can, right now there is barely time to speak as you can see.”

Halima was done, “Okay, I will be right back.” she said to Bode alone, ignoring the other two in the backseat. She clearly had no patience for them.

“Three minutes Halima. Anybody could have followed us.” Bode said to Halima and she got out of the car, then she opened the door to the backseat and leaned in to speak to Tiwa and Dapo.

“Mr and Mrs, do you know how many times my life has been in danger? I was born in danger, raised in danger, in fact, I am danger. So stop whining!” she snapped, slammed the door in their faces and dashed off.

Tiwa chuckled despite herself, “The only thing hotter than that girl is her attitude.”

“She does not even know the insides of the building well, is she safe?” Dapo asked his cousin.

“Dude, that girl has been through worse things than you. Trust me when I say she’s got everything covered.”

Dapo leaned on the seat and held Tiwa tighter, “I love you too.” he muttered in response to what she’d said earlier. “Marry me when all these is over.”

“Of course.” she whispered and he kissed her on the forehead.


Earlier that night, Tiwa had mentioned where the CCTVs were and how the interior of IGE&OBI was to Halima. She’d offered to follow when the time was right but Halima had declined.

According to her, the more, the messier.

Things would get done faster if she did not worry about Tiwa strutting the office like it was a runway.

Halima entered the building now and disengaged the security alarm system, then she broke into the places she could not force herself into, planting cameras and speakers.

Lanre Ige and Chibuzor Obi’s offices were the last places she walked into. She poured herself a bottle of scotch as she marvelled at the architectural design of the office.

Then she began to fix the cameras when she was done with the scotch.

Afer Lanre Ige’s office, she walked into Chibuzor’s office. She could not shake off the eerie feeling that gripped her immediately she set foot there.

She even had to glance over her shoulder to be sure she was not being watched.

Chibuzor’s office was an architectural beauty just like the rest of the office but what was different was that his was all in brick.

It looked like an escape from the modern design in the other parts of the office, Lanre’s inclusive.

She paused, that was going to be a problem. How was she going to fix a camera, tiny as it may be in a room where everything was made of red bricks?


“Its taking her too long.” Bode muttered to no one in particular as he glanced at his rolex.

“I should go and check her.” Tiwa offered and made to leave the car.

“No Iyawo” Bode said, “Halima always knows how to take care of herself. I don’t want you both to miss each other.”

Tiwa nodded and relaxed in her seat, hoping Halima would be fine.

“Did you hear what he called you?” Dapo said as he leaned for a kiss. She nodded, smiling.

“Do you like it?” He asked and she nodded.

Then both of them kissed like they were alone in the car, like his life was not being threatened, like everything was going to be fine.


Halima looked around, she hated not knowing what to do. It made her take drastic decisions and drastic decisions were not good for anyone.

She got on top of the table and stood on her toes, while she tried to find a way she could hide the tiny camera.

She tugged at each brick, hoping one would show her a sign, tell her what to do.

The last one before the ceiling did tell her what to do because it came out like a drawer, pleasantly surprising her.

She made to hang the camera in there with the speaker, it was not a great angle but it was her best bet. It was when she tried that she saw the safe.

If she were to be normal, she would have ignored it and said it was none of her business, because the owner did not put it on her head. But because she wasn’t, she’d picked it, fixed her camera and left the building for the car.


Chibuzor always found Lanre Ige’s approach to things, loose. He’d described his attitude to things as flaccid as an old woman’s breasts once, telling him how his behavior could land them into trouble if he did not watch it.

Now as he listened to his shock and annoyance at how that Obisesan boy had bailed from their other office, he was angry.

“Ige, why did you not have him followed? Why did you not get some of the boys to stop him before he made it past the gate?” Chibuzor was livid and he was going to say that to Lanre at work the next morning.

“I was too shocked, Chibuzor. Don’t you know that feeling when someone acts so surprising you’re jolted and then numb minutes after they are gone?” Lanre asked

“No.”Chibuzor said, “I do not want to have this conversation right now please. I will see you in the office tomorrow.” he then hung up.


Tiwa knew she should be shocked about a lot of things that had happened that night but things were happening so fast, she didn’t have time to think or process emotions.

They all sat in Dapo’s house later, discussing the next line of actions while Halima concentrated on something on her phone.

She barely contributed, she just focused her eyes on her iPhone, a phone she got courtesy of Bode on her last birthday.

“Are you all not curious about what’s inside that box?” Halima asked, her eyes still on the phone. Bode leaned over, she was playing candy crush he realized.

“Its not our business, Hal. We are not thieves…”

“My father is.” Halima said looking at Tiwa with a blank stare.

Tiwa was shocked, she did not know what to do or say or think. The girl in front of her was a case.

“He is a professional thief and he can pick locks. So I am going to pick that lock and find out.” Halima said and removed her earrings then the trio watched in stunned silence as she cut the lock open.

“Grand theft auto” Tiwa said in awe as Halima pulled out the file inside the box.

“Not really. I’ve done bigger jobs” Halima said and tore open the file.

“That is now what we are proud of, Halima.” Bode chided but she ignored him as she revealed the documents inside the file.

“Why does he have so many files on Mahmud Kash Abiona?” Halima asked as she scanned the documents in her hands.

Tiwa snatched the documents and saw different documents which bore her father’s signature, some that showed business deals that he had entered with IGE&OBI and another which was an official letter about denouncing his mandate.

That one did not bear his signature but it was written like he had written it.

“But Daddy didn’t want to denounce his mandate, why would he have typed this? Why would my boss have this? Who are these people?” she asked as Dapo and Bode passed the documents to each other.

“Who are these people?!!!” Tiwa screamed, dawning on her that as they got closer to revealing the truth about IGE&OBI, they were getting more confused about the whole situation.




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