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Ms Animus

“What do you do for a living?”

“Actually sir, I am a professional revenge seeker, an ex convict and I intend to go into farming someday if my woman’s bosses don’t kill me first.”

Tiwa laughed, she was sitting up in bed, clad in nothing but his striped shirt which was three sizes larger.

He on the other hand was standing shirtless in front of the bed, demonstrating how he would stand in front of her Uncle and answer the potential questions he would be asked.

“He won’t ask you anything that will make you uncomfortable, babe. I think you should just stop being nervous.”

Dapo sighed, “I think he would. There is no way questions won’t become uncomfortable with someone who has a past like mine.”

Tiwa walked over to him, her hands around his waist, pinning him to herself, “Dapo, I do not care about your past.”

“But your Uncle would. I would if my daughter brought a man like me home.”

Tiwa could feel his pain. She knew he wished he could erase his troubled past but she also knew that past was none of his fault. It was something that was brought upon him because of the unfair system.

“None of the things that happened was your fault. And if my Uncle does not see that, good for him. I know you have a good heart, I know you are a good person and I know you were raised well…” She placed a hand on his chest, where she could feel his heart beating. “And that is what matters.”

He smiled at her, feeling slightly better by the words she spoke. She kissed him and he kissed her back, wanting to wash in the warmth of her skin, wanting to be lost in the embrace of her arms.

But he pulled away, just when she was beginning to love it.

“Dapo, why won’t you make love to me?” She asked, slightly pained by his decision to stop what they were doing.

“Its not yet time.”

“I’m turned on. Its time”

He smiled at her and walked into the bathroom, she followed him. She demanded an explanation for what just happened.

He pulled off his trousers and opened the glass doors that held the shower. She swallowed hard and dragged her eyes away from the sight below.

“I want you to make love to me” She said to him as she watched him turn on the shower.

“I will when you fall in love with me.”

“But I… I…”

He waited for the words to come but she seemed to be struggling with them, then he turned off the shower and faced her. “I will do more than make love to you when you are not struggling with the words, Tiwa. I will knock you up, marry you and live my life making you the happiest woman alive.”

She wanted to say something but he shut the glass doors and turned on the shower again.

She grumbled and found her way into the bedroom. She was not struggling with the words, she just did not know how to say them without getting hurt again.

Dapo was different but Chima had hurt her so many times and now she was in love again, she was almost scared to let go completely.

But why was Dapo refusing to give himself to her? She unbuttoned her shirt and strode into the bathroom. Opening the shower doors, she stepped beside him naked, a smile on her face.

He was startled, he was not expecting her to stand there naked, her hands roaming his body and her mouth devouring his.

“Tiwa” He moaned as she went on her knees and reached for him, “Tiwa stop it.” he said, knowing the strength to push her away was waning fast.

But she was not letting go. She was not going away until her mission with him was accomplished.

She raised her head for air and he pulled her up, “Tiwa I am not making love to you.”

Her eyes fell on his lower body which was erect and ready, “He seems to say differently.” she said with a chuckle.

“Yes, he is saying differently. But I want you to fall in love with me and say the words. I have wanted more than your body since I met you, so give me your heart”

She was frustrated that he couldn’t see the battle going on inside of her, “But I love…” the words trailed off again and she stormed out of the bathroom. He grabbed a towel and followed her.

“Can’t you see? I am trying not to be hurt again. I’m trying… I… its hard…”

“I’m not Chima, Tiwa. I won’t hurt you.”

“Yes but I don’t know that for a fact.”

And that hurt him but he managed to get it under control and then proceeded to say, “Monica cheated on me with one of my best friends, one of the guys that was murdered. She got pregnant for him and was going to leave me for him if things had not gone bad for them and I had not begged her like my life depended on it.”

Tiwa gaped in shock at the words he spoke.

“When she removed the pregnancy, it affected her womb but I still wouldn’t leave her because I loved her. I wouldn’t even hate George because he hurt me like that. And I never told Monica that I knew.”

“You never did?” she asked, unable to get over the wonder that was Dapo Obisesan.

“No. Not until recently when I had enough.” he said, remembering the reason he and Monica had the fight that eventually caused the whole truth to come out. “I still loved her regardless of everything and if not because of what Prison did to me and how I told myself she was better off without me, I probably would still be in love with her.”

He reached for Tiwa’s hands, “I love you Tiwa. I am hopelessly in love with you and I want you to feel the same way and see that I am for real. I’m the real deal. I’m that guy who might have a tough exterior and a tough heart but who wouldn’t let you go no matter what.” he paused and then added, “But you better feel that way too because if you don’t, then there will never be an Us.”

He grabbed his shirt, wore his trousers and left the room without saying anything more.

Tiwa slumped into the bed, “Fuck you for screwing up my mind, Chima Nwachukwu” she muttered.


He was drinking garri and groundnut and opening the door for his cousin and a young cute girl in her early twenties at the same time. The girl walked in and smiled at him, she clearly found him attractive.

He in turn just smiled politely and shut the door behind them.

They were sitting in seconds and Bode wrestled the cup of cold garri from him.

“This is Halima.” Bode nodded towards the cute girl with short hair that came in with him. “She is a genius when it comes to IT and all that shit. She can help us crack the codes we need to know about in IGE&OBI.” he dug his teeth on some crunchy nuts as he spoke.

Dapo glanced at Halima and welcomed her with a nod.

“I picked her because she is the type of girl you can trust with secrets and who nobody ever suspects of doing anything even when she is doing a lot.” Bode added and Dapo took a closer look at the girl. Halima was dressed in a bodycon dress that flattered her full figure. She was drop dead gorgeous, the type that could blow a man’s brains out while she distracted him with her looks.

“Since those assholes seem to be hiding the real reason they want you to go out there and get in trouble, she would fix cameras, microphones and anything it is people like her fix so we can know what they are getting down to.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

“I no go siddown dey watch you enter wahala again, Dapo. I could have done something seven years ago but I watched you fight your battles alone and you almost ruined your whole life because of it. The guilt killed me every single day you spent behind bars and I could not bear to watch your poor mother go through the pain of her only son thrown behind bars.”

Dapo nodded as he listened to his cousin tell him for the first time what he felt during those harsh years.

“And that is why I’m fighting this with you and I’m glad you asked me to. They will not know what hit them because our team just got stronger.”

Dapo pulled his cousin up and hugged him tight. It was good to know he was not fighting this war alone.


He had not been expected to be invited over to the premises where they met by Lanre Ige.

The senior partner at IGE&OBI had switched on the TV and shown him the trending news on ever major news outlet over Nigeria and on CNN.

It was the tragic fate that had befallen the villagers of the town that murdered his friends.

There had been a heavy storm, it had destroyed many lives; mostly young men and many more were still missing.

Mothers were wailing and fathers, the ones who could still be seen were devastated.

One of the people who talked to the news correspondent mentioned it was a strange occurence and they’d been going through many for seven years. This was just the worst.

Lanre Ige looked at Dapo, “Nemesis huh?”

Dapo said nothing. He was not sure what to call it and he was not sure how he felt but seeing that town go through tragedy was not evoking any pity from him.

Rather he watched with indifference as they went through the pain he had gone through watching his friends die seven years before.

Because the day his friends had been murdered was still vivid in his memory, he could see a few faces on camera that he recognized. Yet, nothing was different inside of him.

“These people have tasted a dose of their own medicine. Now is the time for Chris Owambe, don’t you think?”

Dapo remained silent.

“You strike tonight.” Lanre Ige said.

Dapo gaped at the other man in shock. Tonight? He was not even prepared, they’d not told him anything. If not for the wire his friends had worn around him, he’d have been here totally unprepared.

He watched Lanre Ige’s eyes as an evil smile formed on it. The man knew what he was doing and that caused Dapo’s heart to race.

Tonight was not ending well for him. He could see that.




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  1. May Lanre & Chibuzor fall inside that very pit they’re digging for Dapo, May Thunder hammer them! May holy ghost fire strike dem, may….sorry I forget d rest, pls borrow me some! Thanks Coco, a job well done, a write-up well put together…

  2. I just hope dis IGE$OBI rot in hell…..nd as for chima I hope he wont be d one going to prison dis time around…..nice write up coco ..

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