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Ms Animus

Dapo had been grateful for the call. He had been anticipating it for days and so when he heard her soft voice which always did a number on him, he had grabbed his keys, sped through the areas that placed a barrier between them and arrived at her bedside in time he knew would make even Hussein Bolt envious.

He had not even been aware of how tensed he had been since she’d been gone. He had not realized how constipated his emotions were because as he covered the tiny spaces between them, emotions were purged and tension was relieved.

He hugged her so tight she had to lightly complain of been snuffed out of air before he let go. His gaze fell on hers, her brown eyes captivated him, taking him in and making him lost in her world.

He leaned forward for a kiss, relieving the remaining tension his body might still be holding for missing her for days.

Then when the kiss was over, he placed a hand on his chest, smiled and said, “Can you feel my heart beating?”

She looked in his eyes and replied without saying a word or moving a muscle. His heart was beating really fast in a rhythm that even an upbeat tempo couldn’t match.

“I was scared shitless.” He said to her and she knew he was, because she could see his heart merely by staring into his eyes. This man, this man that her whole world was revolved around, was transparent enough for her to see, for her to read. She could see every word he spoke in his eyes. She knew he would never lie to her and that if he ever dared to, his eyes would betray him.

And that was what she wanted, the man she could hear his words without him opening his mouth to utter them, the man she could feel his heart without her ripping him apart, the man she could see his soul even when all she could touch was the physical frame. The man that was Adedapo Obisesan.

He was her all shades of wrong, he was her new flame, he was her true love.

“You told me never to scare you again, yet you went ahead and scared me out of my wits. I have lived in prison under the harshest conditions and survived, but not hearing from you for days beats that hands down.”

She chuckled, “I’m glad to know missing me is more torturous than naija prison.”

“Oh it is” He said to her and kissed her again.

“I lost the baby. It was an ectopic pregnancy. I could not even call you or call anyone at all, it all happened so fast that Chima and I were scared and had to do what seemed the right thing.” She explained as fast as she could.

“I’m sorry, sexy.” he said to her and she laughed. It was what he used to call her during her early trips to the prison to visit him.

“What has been happening to you since I bailed on you?” She asked him and he immediately wanted to update her, but he felt the strong urge to take care of her first.

“I don’t want to stress you with the details for now. Let’s have you taken care of first and then I will launch into details of how I have been and what I have been up to.” He said to her.

Then they moved to other things, his mother, her canceled wedding and how she was not ready to forgive Ewa for betraying her. When they mentioned IGE&OBI, she said, “I have a confession.”

“What is it?”

She knew this moment would come and that it would be hard for her to say the words but she had prepared for it and whatever would come after. She just couldn’t hide anything from the man she was in love with and so she would say every single truth to him, without holding anything back.

Ewa burst into the room that instant, different shopping bags in hand and a huge grin on her face. She retrieved a big card that had “I am sorry” boldly printed on it and waved it at Tiwa.

Tiwa looked away from her, not ready to hear the apologies she had been tending for hours.

Ewa’s face fell, she hurried to her elder sister’s side and held her hands, “Come on, Tiwa. You know how sorry I am.”

“You have been saying that but what you don’t seem to know is how disappointed and hurt I am. All you had to do was trust me enough to know what’s good for me. When you decided to marry your boyfriend, even when I did not support how early it was, I trusted you to know what you were doing. But I clearly can’t ask the same of you.”

Ewa nodded slowly, she’d overdone it with Chima and tricking her into getting pregnant.

“Can I say something?” Dapo asked and Tiwa nodded, “Tiwa, Ewa is the only close family you have left. You don’t have forever to be mad at her.”

Ewa found her smile back when Dapo uttered the words, she held herself from throwing her hands around him. Instead, she muttered a Thank you and then looked at her sister and echoed his words, “You don’t have forever to be made at me.”

Tiwa suppressed the urge to smile but Ewa saw all that, she hugged her sister tight and whispered, “I am so sorry Tiwa. I promise you I will let you and hot prison guy have hot babies for me now.”

Tiwa giggled and then whispered back, “His name is Dapo.”

Dapo watched the sisters in envy, he wished he had a sibling like that and he wished he had someone who was his blood and could be his best friend too. Tiwa was his everything now, that was a fact but sometimes he still missed his friends. His friends. Their memories and the overwhelming urge to revenge their deaths and the quest to find out who those IGE&OBI bastards really were.

The Doctor walked into the room, startling him and reconnecting him with his immediate environment. Tiwa would be discharged soon. He smiled as he knew he would be taking his woman home.


Ewa busied herself with frying diced plantain and getting the jollof rice for lunch ready. It was her way of totally apologising to her sister. That and staying with her till she was fine and strong enough to go about her daily life.

She checked the turkey which was almost brown in the deep fryer and then turned the heat off the rice. She smiled, content with herself and with the lunch she had prepared.

In the sitting room, Tiwa was cuddling with Dapo. She was happy, the happiness radiated through her and made her smile. It was a smile she couldn’t hide no matter how hard she tried.

“Are we going to be happy?” She asked him and he nodded.

“We would be. I will do everything I can to make you happy, sexy.”

She chuckled, kissed him on the neck and muttered, “I like when you call me sexy.”

He kissed her on the lips then winked at her, “Then I will keep calling you sexy, sexy.”

They sat that way together, saying nothing in particular but talking about everything they could imagine. And that was how they were even when Ewa brought lunch, when they were done with lunch, Dapo and Tiwa retired to her bedroom. They watched two different movies on the TV before he told her he had to leave.

She was reluctant to let him go but he told her that he would be back.

She nodded sadly and then watched him walk towards the bedroom door, that was when it occured to her that she needed to tell him something.

“Dapo” She called. He turned and faced her, a smile on his lips. He was beautiful, like a well sculpted statue, like attention had been paid to every detail on his body, the chiseled jaw, the square shoulders the well toned body and the hands.

He was a distraction. And he was almost distracting her from saying what she had to say so she dragged her eyes away from the perfect form in front of her.

His smile froze, he knew something was wrong. And he was by her side in seconds, holding her with one hand and raising her chin so he could see her eyes with the other.

“What’s wrong, sexy?” He asked, his voice heavily laden with concern.

Guilt washed through her, if only he knew she’d betrayed him and that the concern he was showing, she was underserving of it.

“Talk to me, Tiwa” He muttered.

“My bosses.”

His heart froze, “What about them?” He asked, trying to keep the coldness from his voice.

“They told me to make sure you did not change your mind about Chris Owambe. When they changed your hospital, they kinda put me there to… to…” It was hard for her, the more she tried to utter the words, the heavier they became for her.

“They put you there to get into my head and make sure nothing changed. That their plans work to the end, till they were done with me.” He said everything she could not say and she nodded slowly. Then he smiled sadly, kissed her forehead and strolled towards the door.

She hurriedly followed him out of the room into the sitting room where Ewa was battling with a bone of turkey and watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

“I swear I did not know what I was doing, Dapo. Please don’t be angry or anything. They said… see what they said doesn’t matter anymore, what matters is that I am not interested in doing what they said.” Tiwa said as she followed him to the door. “Dapo, please say something.”

He stopped and faced her.

“Tiwa, ever since I met you, you have gone from trying to get me out of prison to trying to get me back into prison. But I am not even angry at that right now, I am just wondering why you couldn’t see through your bosses’ plan when they called you to monitor me and everything I do and make sure I kill Chris.” He was angry now as he continued, “Or maybe you did not say anything because that is how your firm works. All of you are guilty of the same damn thing.”

Tiwa began to object, “Of course not, Dapo.”

“No? Then why would they have told you to make sure I commit murder after you got me out of prison and why would you all be trying so hard to keep a lot of things secret?”

“What things?”

“I don’t know. You tell me.”

Tiwa was confused. After a few minutes, when she’d uttered nothing, Dapo opened the door, “Good night, Ewa” He said and shut the door behind him.

Ewa watched as her elder sister walked over to her and collapsed into the couch near her, “I just don’t get you two. One minute you are acting like JayZ and Beyonce, next thing y’all got on the damn elevator.”

Tiwa shut her eyes tight, “I think he’s never coming back.” she said painfully.

“Did you at least have sex with him?”

Tiwa shot her sister an acidic look.

“Sorry” Ewa muttered, pulled her sister in an embrace and continued with the show on TV.




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  1. I’m so glad Tiwa told him d truth, and I’m sure they’re gonna work it out…u kept us waiting…again…y naa?

  2. Sum tyms d truth hurts wen told but it’s beta said dan kept in secret, I knw Dapo wud 4gve Tiwa. Pls dnt kip us waiting today, post today’s own pls Tomi

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