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Ms Animus

Tiwa opened her eyes, feeling slightly woozy. She had fallen into one of those long sleep some hours before and now that she was awake, she felt slightly woozy. Ewa rushed to her side immediately. She held her hand and squeezed it.

“How do you feel?” Ewa asked gently.

“Baby-less” Tiwa muttered and Ewa, despite herself, chuckled. “Two days after and I am still not used to being without the life growing inside of me. You would think I wouldn’t miss it this much considering it didn’t stay so long in my fallopian tube” Tiwa stressed the last two words and Ewa knew she had still not gotten over the fact that the pregnancy had grown outside the Uterus and because of that had been ectopic.

“Tiwa, you know you will be fine, abi?” Ewa said, reassuring her sister.

Tiwa managed to nod even though the ache she felt was heavy and was threatening to envelope her, “I was just really looking forward to being a mom.”

“I know. I was looking forward to being an Aunt too.” Ewa replied, “I even had a name for her already.”

Tiwa chuckled, “Who told you it would have been a her?”

Ewa shrugged, “I just knew. I was going to call her mom’s middle name.”

“Kofo” They both said and Tiwa added, “I wanted that too.”

Ewa sat near her sister on the hospital bed and held her hands tighter, “We have always wanted the same things”

“And even when we didn’t, we understood why the other wanted differently.”

Ewa agreed with that, that mostly happened when they both picked men. Men, Ewa decided to pursue that line of conversation, “Do you still want to be married to Chima?”

Tiwa gave a confident response, “No”. She said emphatically. A few seconds passed before she continued, “I don’t feel anything for him anymore. He would always remain dear to me but I don’t see us being happily married.”

Ewa understood that, “But does this have anything to do with the hot prison guy?”

“His name is Dapo, Ewa.”

“Just talk first! Does it have anything to do with him?”

“I have told you before that it doesn’t. I came by this realization all by myself but yes, he gave me the strength to decide I did not want to be with Chima anymore.” Tiwa replied, “My pregnancy was one of the reasons I decided to make it work with Chima again but now, after all that has happened, I have come to realize that its either Dapo or nobody else.”

“He’s an ex convict, Tiwa. What are you going to do about that?”

“Nothing. I am not trying to fix his past, I am trying to work on a future with us together.”

Ewa did not get it but she shrugged, “If you say so. This needs a lot of getting used to though.”

Tiwa covered her sister’s hands with hers, “You would get used to it. All you need to know is, that is the only man your sister wants to be with.”

Ewa sighed, “Alright. Anything you want. Now let me get to work on some damage control.”

Tiwa frowned, “What damage control?”

“The wedding now. The wedding you both have cancelled. I know both of you won’t be in the mood to be explaining to the public, and someone’s got to clean up the mess, so I will take care of that. Plus that Chima boy is hurting so bad. You broke his heart, Tiwa.”

Tiwa knew that already. And watching him hurt had somehow hurt her too. He was the man she’d been with the longest and who at some point in her life was the only one she wanted to be with. They were used to each other, so it was only normal for him to hurt.

“I know.” She muttered, “I just hope he can heal as soon as possible.” she added.

“I hope so too”


Chima might have lost his woman but he was not losing his company. If Chris Owambe wanted to bring in guns, then Chris Owambe could bring in guns. As long as his company could float and he could find a balance and then eventually buy Chris out of the company.

He had decided to pay Chris a visit in one of the hotels the man liked to hide in and break the news to him.

As he rode to where Chris was, the song playing on the radio caught his attention. It was Tuface’s Rainbow.

He tried to ignore the lyrics that wanted to make him purge the emotions that he’d been so unwilling to let flow but the harder he tried to hold on, the tougher it became.

When he could not bear it anymore, he parked on the road, hit the steering wheel with his hand while he muttered a curse.

ever since I left you, I’ve been to hell and I’m back, oh my baby I want to give you my body and soul.

The pain of being separated from her was realer than physical pain but she was gone and he had to move on. So he took a sharp breath, started his car and returned to where he was going earlier, to find Chris.


Chris Owambe had not been expecting to see his visitor but he invited him into his suite and ordered drinks Chima had vehemently refused.

Then he went ahead to tell Chima how ecstatic he was that he was agreeing to his plans and then added that they were not just bringing guns, they would be bringing a particular type of brand of ecstasy which was selling hard and fast to the rich kids and celebrities in the country.

That was when he lost Chima. The latter had stood angrily and stormed towards the door.

“Chima, like I made clear before, if you don’t do this then I will do it alone because this is not just your company.”

That irked Chima, he faced the man and retorted, “I don’t think you’re a good person. You are evil! Are you trying to sink my company? Why did you not buy into another company if you wanted to use me as cover?”

“That is because it is easy to hide weapons in gadgets.” Chris responded calmly which unnerved Chima further. The man did not seem to bother about what damage he was doing to his brand.

Chima nodded slowly, “And since I needed a partner you bought into my shares abi?”

Chris shrugged, “My financial advisor heard your company was sinking and that you needed a partner fast and because I thought you could help me while I helped you, I felt you were the guy for the job.”

Chima did not wait to hear any more disgusting statements, he opened the door, stepped out and shut it behind him.


Tiwa had just woken up from yet another sleep when she noticed her Doctor talking to Ewa. Initially, she couldn’t pick up what they were saying but after a while, she heard them clearly.

They were talking in hushed tones and they were trying not to wake her.

“But what causes this ectopic pregnancy thing? I mean I have heard about it so many times but never has it happened to anyone close to me.”

The Doctor replied, “Was she taking morning after pills before she confirmed the pregnancy?”

Ewa thought about this, “I really don’t know. I couldn’t have asked her so she wouldn’t have been suspicious you know.”

The Doctor nodded and Tiwa frowned, suspicious of what?

“This is one of the reasons I was wary of giving you the medical advice before, because sometimes while you are trying to get something done, the person in question might be fighting against it. You see, morning after pills can cause the developing foetus in a woman to be ectopic.”

Ewa nodded, she got it. “Maybe that’s what happened. But I think Chima would have stopped it, knowing our plans.”

The Doctor sighed, “Ewa, next time I would not do this. It is unethical and it is dangerous. I did it because I have known you both since you were little girls but its very dangerous and I have a conscience.” he placed a hand on her shoulder, “You understand abi?”

Ewa smiled at the greying man in front of her, “I do, Doctor. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. I will be in my office if she needs anything.” He said, smiled at her warmly and left.

Ewa turned and found Tiwa looking at her, puzzled. “Where do you want to start from, madam?” Tiwa asked. Ewa’s heart skipped several beats. She was in real big trouble.




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