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Ms Animus

He yanked I.K off the driver’s seat with a strength he was not aware he possessed until that moment.

The gunshot seemed to have stopped but his heart beat had not.

It was beating fast in his ears and reflecting his fears.

Then he heard the gunshot again, while he tried to manoeuvre the car which was still moving backwards because of how I.K had intended to drive before the gunshot that had now silenced him forever.

He quickly switched gears, accelerated and sped out of the street as fast as he could. All the while hearing the gunshot.

He had no time to glance at I.K’s body or think of what to do with it. He needed to get out of there first before he could think.


“There is no way I am letting them remove my baby. Didn’t you tell them that, Chima? That I am not going to let them touch the child? How could you have said its fine? Of course its not!”

He tried to hold her hands and calm her down, but she was letting none of that. She was refusing to accept what seemed to be the only solution to the problem on their hands.

“Tiwa…” He called calmly, hoping that she would listen to him.

“No Chima. Don’t even try to convince me.” She said to him. “I am not going to allow them remove this baby.”

“The Doctor said its dangerous if you keep it. It could cost you your life.”

“A miracle can happen, Chima. Don’t you believe in miracles?”

“I do. But this is a risk I am not willing to take.”

Tiwa held up a hand, “No, Chima. I am not removing this baby regardless of what you say.”

He tried to convince her otherwise, “Tiwa…”
“No. I want to keep this child and I will keep this child! Go and tell them that!”

Chima nodded, he strolled towards the door and then stopped. Then he faced her and said as calmly as he could, “Tiwa, I want you to have this baby so bad because I love you. And because if for some reason our relationship ends, I want a part of you.”

Tiwa nodded, he at least understood her for once.

“But, I am not going to take a risk…”

“Its going to be a miracle…”

“I am not going to sit, hoping for a risk to transform into a miracle in nine months because as you know, I am not the most optimistic person on earth.” she made to talk but he beat her to it, “I also know for a fact that if I allow you keep this child, I will never forgive myself if it kills you.”

“It won’t” she whispered in what seemed more of a conviction to herself than Chima.

“And because if I had to choose, I will pick you, the only woman that ever truly mattered to me, over a baby that I have not met.” He paused and then continued, “I am going to walk out of here now and tell the Doctor that we have made a decision and that decision, is that you are going to have this baby removed.”

Tiwa watched the seriousness on his face and how his demeanor echoed everything he’d just said. She nodded slowly, tears gathering in her eyes and threatening to fall as she accepted what was her fate.


“Why did he have a gun in his pocket? Was he preparing to be shot? Why did I not know we would be attacked if he was preparing to be shot and what the fuck is inside this parcel that almost got me killed?”

He was livid and the anger that coursed through him was more than the pain he felt from being shot in the arm.

His black shirt, which he had rolled up the sleeves was now torn as blood trickled down the wound in his arm. He was at the building where he met with Obi earlier and where he usually met the Men In Black.

The Men In Black were staring at him blankly now, empty cans of coke and half eaten plates of Spaghetti littering the large table in front of them, on which Macbooks and different documents also sat.

“Please calm down.” One of the men said to him in a tone he considered too calm for the current situation.

“Calm down?” He said incredulously. “I.K is lying cold in the fucking car, I cannot calm down!” He yelled.

The two men exchanged glances, the man standing in front of them was certainly not ready to be calm.

“Okay fine Incredible Hulk, give us a little time before you explode.” One of the men said but Dapo was in no mood to joke. He glared at the man who spoke and the guy muttered an apology before he grabbed his phone and put a call to Lanre Ige.


Lanre Ige was beginning to lose patience for the young man in front of him. None of the others had given them this much trouble, what was it with him and inability to obey simple instructions without asking too many questions.

He slumped into the black leather seat in his private sitting room, a glass of wine in his hands. Dapo was sitting opposite him, his arm now bandaged and treated.

“Young man, I have told you what is of utmost importance to you. I have to retire to bed because I have a long day at work tomorrow.” Lanre said calmly to Dapo. Nothing inside of him was calm though, he was getting more impatient with this young man and he could not wait for them to be done with doing business with him.

“No, you haven’t.” Dapo responded, “I want to know why I.K was carrying a gun. I want to know why Chris Owambe has to be murdered and I want to know why you gave me all the things you gave me just because I agreed to revenge my friends’ death.”

Lanre Ige shrugged, he did not seem interested in answering any more questions.

Dapo leaned forward and asked, ” What’s in this for you, sir?”

“Nothing. We just want to see everyone we have helped happy after Prison”


“Because we are great individuals.”

Dapo nodded. He stood. If the man was insisting on not divulging much, then he would look for another means to get his information.

That was who he had always been anyway, he always got things done his own way if the other ways were not working.

“Have a good night, sir.” He said and made for the door.

Lanre Ige watched as he left the house. He was tired of Dapo and when he was tired of something, it was not good. It was bad, it was risky and it was dangerous for the person involved.



Mahmud always threw the Sallah party in his home for an entire week. Then, his business associates, friends and extended family came around to party and have the type of fun they had not had since the previous one.

People who had benefited from his philanthropy also came.

Lanre Ige waded through the crowd of people who had come to say thank you that year as he reached for Mahmud who was well guarded by mean looking bodyguards.

The bodyguards stopped him and threatened to throw him out but Mahmud stopped them with a hand and then, a smile.

He waved him into his inner circle and introduced him to the people who mattered in society. When Chibuzor Obi joined them, he did the same.

And because of him, the high society had welcomed and accepted them. It was easy, it was simple and in that one night, their lives changed.

It changed because of him, because of Mahmud Kash Abiona.



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  1. Hmmmmm….ds aint funny any longer….happy for tiwa though.

    Thanks tomi…but pls dont kill us with suspense (ds mit not end in oct) abegggggggg

  2. This is just getting more and more serious..truth b told, y did Lanre and Chibuzor want Chris dead? Y r they bent on using ppl they claimed to help? Why, why why? The question is endless…go job Coco, keep it up and coming!

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