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Ms Animus

“You were never around”

“I was when I could be”

“Which was never”

The therapist, a balding man in his early sixties looked from Chima to Tiwa as both of them seemed to be warring over the current state of their relationship and who should share the largest part of the blame.

Tiwa spoke without looking at Chima, her eyes were fixed on the therapist in front of her and when she was not looking at him, they were on the bottle of water clutched in her hands.

Chima on the other hand was staring at her while he spoke. His eyes roamed her body which now had a glow that made her more beautiful and her short hair which she just made and which made her some prettier version of herself.

“You cannot honestly be blaming me for working hard.”

“Working hard at your career and working hard at the women.”


“Chima, I just hate it that you’re lying.” She faced him now, the first time since they stepped into the office an hour before, “At this point, I don’t see why you should be lying. Just say the freaking truth, I won’t hate you any more than…”

“Wait, you hate me?”

“I did not mean it that way.”

“Then how did you mean it?”

“I was going to say I don’t hate you any more than I already do for the terrible things you did.”

Chima was irritated, “I don’t even know what you are going on about. I tried my best.”

“Your best was not good enough.”

“Is this even working?” he faced the therapist who was scribbling away, “This is not working.”

“I just want you both to get all the negative emotions out before we work on the relationship.” The therapist said calmly. He did not seem fazed by the ongoing drama going on in his office. He probably saw that often.

“Her negative emotions are going to drown us and then there won’t be enough room to work on the relationship.” Chima spat, clearly angry.

“I don’t know why you are so pissed now Chima. Are we not here to say the truth?”

“We are past saying the truth. You have crossed that line and moved on to accusing me.”

Tiwa shook her head and then busied herself with undoing the cap on the bottled water in her hands, “Accusing you or pointing out how much of a jerk you were to me?”

“I think you are too angry at me, too angry to even want to genuinely marry me.”

Tiwa swigged the bottled water.

“Are you even still in love with me?”

Tiwa was done drinking the water, she looked at him, her lips saying nothing but her eyes saying a million words to him.

He nodded slowly, understand every single word she did not say.

Chima looked at the therapist, “Sir, thank you so much for your time. My fiancee and I will now leave and go and discuss how we would get ourselves out of this mess” he stood up and readjusted his blazer. Then he stretched out a hand to pull her up from her seat. Tiwa placed a hand in his as he helped her stand.

“Are you both…”

“Leaving. Yes we are leaving. Since she has chosen to just accuse me, rather than work things out, then I guess all I need is to give her a book to do that and then submit it when she’s done. Then we would take it from there.”

He placed a hand on her waist protectively, “Thanks Doctor, we would see you when my fiancee is done writing a long list of accusation.”

He guided her out of the office, then like a gentleman helped her to his car.

Her phone rang immediately she sat in the SUV and he shut the door for her, she retrieved it and stared in shock at the caller ID. It was Dapo. He was calling. He had not called in a long time. Her pulse quickened, her heart skipping several beats as she considered whether or not to pick and speak to him. He had been on her mind a lot in the past days but again, he had sent that text.

Chima got in beside her and shut the door, then he looked at the phone and then her.

“Are you going to pick that?”

“No” She said simply and then allowed it to ring off the hook.


She stared in shock as he stepped into the house and shut the door behind himself.

He raised a bottle of fruit wine and said, “I figured since you were pregnant you wouldn’t be able to do alcohol”

She smiled,ran into his arms and cried like a child.

She couldn’t say why exactly but the soothing relief his hands on her back gave to her mad her feel better.


She had spent a great deal of time crying and staining his yellow polo shirt with her tears and powder, now she relaxed on the sofa, her legs on his laps while she sipped the fruit wine he brought earlier.

“I know its cheap but I had to buy you something to drink and for some reason that’s the first thing that came to mind.”

She smiled and his heart raced, he wanted to reach for her face and stroke it but he decided that was enough for the day.

“I like it” She said. She had not been one to use cheap things in her life because of her priviledged background but anything Dapo bought was fine. She took another sip, her hand absentmindedly on her stomach. Dapo noticed that.

“How is the baby doing?” He asked.

“Its fine. In a way I like being pregnant you know? Like I know its all complicated right now but I have come to realize that this baby is the only good thing that has happened to me in a while. I am beginning to warm up to the idea.” She said smiling.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were getting married.”

“Because you needed time alone with your girlfriend.”

He chuckled, “Are you saying you’re jealous, Barrister Abiona?”

She looked away shyly, “Maybe I am. But what did you expect, you told me you wanted time alone with her.”

He laughed, “And when did I say that?”

“The message you sent the day I called you.”

Dapo frowned, “What message are you talking about?”

She reached for her phone and handed it to him. He read through it in a second and when he was done, he knew who was responsible for it.

“This must have been Monica, she is the only one I know that can be responsible for this.” he muttered.

“She must see me as a big threat.”

“Not anymore” Dapo said, “She’s gone for good now”

He leaned forward and kissed Tiwa on the forehead, “I missed you”

“I missed you too.”

He grabbed her neck gently and kissed her, “What are we going to do, Tiwa? I am in love with you and I can’t watch you marry someone else.”

She looked into his eyes, uncertain. “I don’t know.”

Dapo smiled ruefully, “Do you want me to do something?”

She thought about it for a second and then nodded slowly, “Yes.”


Chima did not appreciate being summoned to impromptu meetings, he liked his daily life planned.

But since Chris Owambe was his partner he could do little or nothing to the situation. He just hoped the man had a good reason for summoning him to one of the most popular hotels on Lagos Island.

“Do you want anything?” Chris asked as Chima took a seat opposite him. Chima simply shook his head, he would rather the meeting started and ended soon. Chris motioned to the waiter, pointed a drink in the menu to him and then directed his full attention to Chima when that one had left.

“I am sure you have been wondering why I did not inform you of this meeting earlier, I apologize. It is because something just came up.” he said, then he gently pushed his digital tab towards Chima.

Chima looked at the tab in front of him and then back at Owambe, “What’s this?”

“Please read”

Chima scanned the entire content of the email Chris Owambe had asked him to read. When he was done, he was more clueless than he had been at the beginning.

“I still don’t understand.” He said with a frown.

“I need to bring in some things.” Chris Owambe began, “I usually had a way of bringing them in but I had a misunderstanding with the guys who used to help me and now I have to do this by myself.”

The waiter had returned with his order. He placed the drink on the table and left.

Chima nodded, waiting for more information to help him understand the purpose of the meeting and the email he had just read.

“This mail was sent to inform me of the short time I have left to pick up my stuff.”


“I want us to ship this stuff in with the next set of computers we are shipping in”

“What’s the stuff you’re talking about?”

Chima leaned forward and said quietly, “Guns”.




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  1. Oh God, I didn’t see dis one coming, Jst hope Tiwa nd Dapo wud be safe. Pray dt IGE& OBI step up dia game bcos it’s vivid dt Chris is nt leaving any stone unturned. Tanx Tomi nice piece.

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