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Ms Animus

“I’m really sorry, Monica. I was angry, I did not mean to say all of that.”

Monica had packed the few things she brought over to his house and was about to leave, he stood in the way, determined to see her accept his apology before she left.

“Monica” He reached for her arm, she shrugged it off.

She tried to push him out of the way, he let her and then watched her leave and slammed the door in his face.

He sighed, he would have to wait for her to get over the anger and then tender another apology. He really shouldn’t have dug up the past to drive home a point no matter how angry he had been and he had realized that the instant he calmed down.

Now she wouldn’t take his apology because she had been too hurt.

The door opened again and this time it was his mother, he helped her with the different shopping bags she was carrying that was containing foodstuff.

They both headed towards his kitchen.

“I saw Monica” she said to him as soon as they placed everything she had bought near the sink. She began to remove the raw meat from the things she had purchased earlier and pour them into a small bowl which she intended to wash them in.

“Did you people fight?” She asked him as she turned on the tap and water poured into the bowl containing meat.

He nodded. “I don’t think she is coming back.”

His mother nodded and then proceeded to washing the meat carefully.

“I think we tried to push this thing too far. It was the best thing to do to end it.”

“I agree” Mrs Obisesan replied. The meat was well washed now and she poured it into a pot and reached for an onion.

Dapo studied his mother intently as she concentrated on seasoning the meat. If he knew anything about his mother, it was that she could not hide worry. It was always clearly written all over her face and no matter how hard she tried, you could not miss it.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

She turned and faced him immediately at that point, it was as if she had been expecting the question. He saw the worry deepen as a frown etched on her face. “Oko mi, why are these people doing these things for you?” she asked, the concern heavily accentuating her statement.

He shrugged, “I don’t know. Maybe because they realize how hard it is to pick up from seven years ago?”

His mother nodded, but she was anything but convinced. “I had a dream”

And his heart skipped several beats. Whenever she announced having a dream like that, it meant it was bad, very bad. It was how she dreamt about him getting in trouble way before he was locked up for trying to avenge his friends’ tragic deaths.

“And there was blood, Adedapo. So much blood.” She reached for his hands, her eyes pleading with him as they found hers, “Please be careful.”

“What exactly did you see?”

“I am no even sure what it was, but there was something off about the two people I saw that said they are the Ogas of that firm that Tiwa works for. And then there was so much blood.” It was difficult to say, he could see. “Just be very careful, sho gbo? Please.”

Dapo nodded, “I’ll be” he said.


“I love Vera Wang designs. And I think this is a perfect dress for your wedding. Its so beautiful, it has a low back but a high front view and its has short sleeves… it almost looks like what mommy wore for her wedding.” Ewa was chirpy about shopping for a wedding dress. They were in the US, where she was for a quick shopping and her sister was certainly more enthusiastic about the whole process than she was.

Ewa wanted her opinion, “What do you think?” She asked.

Tiwa shrugged, “Its fine”.

Ewa frowned, “Its fine?”


“That’s all you have to say about your own wedding dress?”

“Ewa what do you want me to say? I don’t have time for all of these abeg, lets just pick a dress, go to the hotel and finish the rest of the shopping tomorrow.”

Ewa nodded, “Okay.”


“Ewa what is wrong with you? Let this go!” Tiwa snapped as they strolled into their suite in the hotel they were staying at. Ewa had been constantly asking about why Tiwa was not excited to be shopping for her wedding like every other woman would be.

And Tiwa was tired of evading.

“Tiwa, it is not okay for you not be happy about this.”

“I don’t want to talk about this.”

“Which is the only thing worse than not being happy about it. Is there something wrong? Did you have a fight with Chima? Talk to me, Tiwa. Please. We are sisters and best friends and you tell me everything.”

Tiwa turned to face her younger sister, she wanted to say a lot of things, she just was not sure where to start from.

Ewa pulled her to the massive bed and tapped the space near her, “Talk Tiwa, I am listening.”

“I am not sure I want to marry Chima. It just doesn’t feel good anymore. Like I knew this was what I wanted some months back but right now, an emptiness has replaced the fulfillness I felt being with him.”

Ewa draped an arm on her sister, “You don’t think this is what you can work on?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Maybe you can try therapy? Counselling? Anything that will make both of you find that emotion again.”

Tiwa looked at her sister, “Ewa, I don’t think that will help.”

“But would you at least try?”

Tiwa shrugged, “Okay”.


He was not one to read the blogs, so he would never have found out about the wedding announcement if he did not see it on a Magazine his mother had bought on her way back from church.

He read the whole gossip column that reported it like so many times that by the time, he looked up at his mother, he could remember every sentence, every punctuation, the number of paragraphs and what began and ended the article.

“What are you going to do?”

“Nothing” He said simply.

“You are going to do something.”

Dapo looked at his mother, what could he probably do.

“Fight for her.” She said, then added, “I don’t care how hard it is but I have seen the way you look at her and the way she looks at you. If I know anything about real love, its that when two people in it are together, it feels like the world has stopped moving. And that’s the look you have in your eyes whenever both of you glance at each other. Even if its for a minute. So fight for her and get her back before she makes the greatest mistake of her life.”

And as if he had not heard everything she said, she added for emphasis, “Besides, she got you out of prison. Now is time for you to get her out of a potential prison.”






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  1. I am so very happy! I knew it, that Dapo & Tiwa r meant for each other…thanks Coco, for another wonderful read…

  2. HAHAHAH WOW I LOVE THIS SENTENCE “Besides, she got you out of prison. Now is time for you to get her out of a potential prison.” NICE TOMI ME LOVE U OOOOOO FOR SHIZZLE

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