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Ms Animus

IGE&OBI was a beehive of activity that morning as usual.

Tiwa had secluded herself from the rest of her colleagues while she struggled with severe morning sickness and keeping her mind from constantly wandering away from work.

When it was noon, she asked Queen to get her lunch.

Oma burst into the office in the usual Oma-fashion, sat opposite Tiwa and placed her recently waxed legs, which was fitted in a pair of Jimmy Choos on the table.

“Whattapun Madam, why are you looking like death and why have you refused to come out to lunch?” She asked, scrutinizing Tiwa. “Did they snacth your husband?”

Tiwa smiled, “No. Talking about husband though, I am getting married in two weeks”.

Oma clapped her hands excitedly, “Thank God!” She hurried to Tiwa’s side of the table and gathered her in a warm embrace.

“That’s good news, Tiwa! I’m so happy for you. Its been… been…”

“Five years” Tiwa smiled as she said for Oma what she knew she was trying so hard to say.

“Yes” Oma said, nodding. “I am glad you are finally doing it.”

“I’m glad too” Tiwa said even though she knew she was not saying the entire truth.

“You know you can tell me whenever you need me, right?” Oma asked and Tiwa nodded in response.

She was honestly tired of discussing her upcoming wedding, especially since she wasn’t feeling any of the butterfly feelings that was supposed to be attached to an upcoming wedding.

“Any gist for me today? Gist me, anything. Anything at all. Because I know I have missed.” Tiwa was trying so hard to push all of her worries and present state of mind away from the core of her mind. She didn’t want to think of the baby growing in her uterus, the upcoming wedding to a man she wasn’t sure she was in love with anymore and the overwhelming urge to go find Dapo and run into his arms.

Oma only needed to hear the word gist and she was enthused. She leaned on Tiwa’s table, “You know they released the guy that stole chickens from Owambe? He is now a free man and I hear he is working closely with the Ogas and the other guy you represented in court recently.”

Tiwa frowned, “Dapo?”

Oma nodded. “I wonder what they are working on though but they apparently have some secret location they go to for the strategies and all that.”

Tiwa knew Dapo was supposed to be getting some sort of revenge on Owambe, but she was not aware he was supposed to be working hand in hand with another ex convict that was represented by the firm.

“How do you even know these things?” Tiwa asked, Oma was too informed about everything other people didn’t even know.

Oma giggled, “Let’s just say I have my way.”

Queen walked in with her lunch at that moment and Tiwa decided she would pursue that line of conversation later.


Monica stood in frustration, “What is wrong with you again?” she snapped, “Would I be begging you to have sex with you now?” she hissed and buttoned her knee length dress. “Na wa o. See Dapo I am getting really tired of all these. You better do something about this your behaviour. I can’t be waiting for the rest of my life now…”

“Then don’t” He said frankly.

She frowned, “What?”

“Stop waiting, Monica. We have discussed this a million and one times already and you know what I feel about all of these.”

Monica’s patience ran out that moment, “And how do you feel? Is it only how you feel that matters? What about how I feel? How many women would wait for you while you’re in Prison, watch you flirt with your lawyer, stay with you while you heal and still not go mad on you?”

“I don’t know a lot. But you are not with me because you are in love with me and you know it.”

Monica was outraged, “And what the heck is that supposed to mean, Dapo?”

Dapo stood, he was walking away from this. His temper was rising and he was not sure it would not explode into full blown anger soon.

But Monica was not making it easy on him, she followed him.

“Is there any other reason I might be in love with you? Some millions or naira or bright future I cannot see?”

Dapo sighed, she was pushing it.

“I have stayed with you for this long and this is what you have to say? That I am not in love with you? You’re the most ungrateful person I have ever met. Ungrateful, selfish and annoying!”

Dapo stopped, he faced her, his temper rising more by the minute, “I am selfish? I am selfish? Monica I am selfish, abi?”

Before she answered, he continued, “You slept with one of my best friends and got pregnant for him then went ahead to try to pin it on me, yet I took you back and loved you. I did not mind that you guys saw behind my back and you would have chosen him over me if I had not pleaded with you like my life depended on it! Yet I am the selfish one.”

Monica was stunned, she had not been expecting him to dig up the past to prove his point.

“The man that you would have fathered his child lays six feet deep in a cemetry that you have never set foot on yet you call me selfish.”

He turned to leave then came back to her to finish that which tugged at his mind, “You never said thank you to me for taking you back after you cheated on me with George, so you’re welcome.”

“You knew” was all she could mutter.

“yes I knew. But I let it go because I had never loved any like you. But now, this is not working anymore. Let it go, Monica.” He said and stormed out of the sitting room.

Monica’s knees could barely hold her anymore, so they gave way and she collapsed on to the tiled floor.





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  1. Wow….sure didn’t c dat coming. I’m sure Dapo will have Tiwa! That’s a surety…thanks for not keeping us waiting for long…

  2. Nooooo she can’t be pregnant cos her womb is affected due to d aborted preggy. …. tomilolacoco biko ooo nxt episode. Thumbs up

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