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Ms Animus

He was not sure he could remember a time that he’d had such meaningless, passionless and boring sex in his life.

He had gone in to satisfy a urge and heal a pain but he had come out wanting Tiwa more and hurting a whole lot more knowing it was not her body against his.

Monica smiled at him, “Did you like it?” She asked

He managed a smile and got up on his feet. He was going to clean up. He wondered if a good shower would wash away the sex he just had.

Monica kept talking but he ignored her. By the time he stepped out of the sitting room and entered his room, he was out of earshot and he finally had his thought to himself.

The water hit his back like a blast but he enjoyed it. It was cool, it was refreshing and for a moment, he forgot the hurt and disappointed he felt for knowing Tiwa was gone.

He had not asked her what she wanted to do with the pregnancy. He wondered if she would keep it? Or if she would have to marry Chima soon and start a family.

He smiled ruefully when he remembered how he had told Chima he would take Tiwa away from him.

As he stepped out of the shower, he wondered vaguely if Chima had gotten her pregnant on purpose to prove a point to him.


To Monica they were making progress. Dapo had not made love to her in years. Months before he lost his friends and then subsequently ended up in prison, he had stopped touching her.

Now, feeling his soft but firm hands on her body and riding him to sheer ecstasy was one feeling she appreciated.

It made her new on the inside and it made her happy.

If they could have more of this maybe he would remember what it used to feel like and get his act together.

His phone rang and jolted her back to reality. At first, she ignore it and let it ring off the hook but when the phone rang again, she leaned towards it and picked it up.

It was Tiwa. She frowned.

Tiwa might be calling for other reasons aside seeing her man but she was taking no chances.

Tiwa could not ruin what she had just started to build. She ignored the call. A few seconds later, a text came in.

Tiwa wanted to see Dapo and talk ASAP.

Monica posed as Dapo and replied the message with; “Sorry, busy with my girlfriend.”

Then she hit the delete button and deleted the entire thread. After, she relaxed on the couch and smiled in satisfaction.


Tiwa read the message for the third time in less than a minute. Dapo had never bailed on her or ignore her call to help.

He had even appeared at her doorstep in the middle of the night.

If he called Monica his girlfriend and said he was busy with her, then maybe that was a message that was being sent across. A message she had to take seriously. So she dropped her phone on her kitchen counter, allowing her mind to roam.

The front door distracted her and she walked to open it.

When she got there, she saw her Uncle and Ewa standing by it.

Ewa did not waste time in telling her why there were there, “I told Uncle Sam that you are pregnant, refusing to talk to the father of your baby and that you want abortion.”

Tiwa tried not to reveal all the shock she was feeling but it was not easy. She still ended up gaping at her younger sister in shock.

Their Uncle looked at Tiwa, “Is that correct?”

A few seconds passed, after which Tiwa nodded and said, “Yes”

“I am sorry I will not allow you do such. So pick a date with your husband to be and the father of your baby and we are having a ceremony soon. I will prefer it to happen before the baby is born.”

Tiwa simply nodded, it was the only thing she could do at the time.


His colleague and partner in crime in the revenge plot against Chris Owambe was at his house while they mapped out a strategy.

Dapo watched the other guy enthusiastically device a means while his mind went in search of the only thing that mattered; Tiwa.

She had not tried to reach him in days, he wondered why.

Maybe she was getting married and her husband and ensured she never spoke to him again. Or maybe she just did not care about him anymore.

His heart skipped a beat as he thought about that.

He was in love with the woman and before he could wrap his head around the thought she had gone ahead and then gotten pregnant for another man.

He wanted to fight for her but he was not sure she would be willing to spend the rest of her life with him.

Besides, her future was more guaranteed with Chima than him. He did not want to ever put her through rough times.


The guy had noticed that his concentration was afar off and now, he was now calling him.

Dapo listened to the other guy’s detailed plan of how to get what they wanted. He was so passionate about it that it caused Dapo to ask him if he ever had personal beef with Chris Owambe. To which he said, “Yes.”

Dapo frowned, how?

“He put me in prison for diverting some of his chickens to another farm. And no matter how much my family and friends pleaded, he refused to listen”

That caught Dapo’s attention. So Chris Owambe had thrown the guy in jail before. For some reason, he found that pretty interesting and so began to probe further.

“So how did you get out?”
“IGE&OBI now. Just like you Dapo. But my own was not Pro Bono, they just arranged for me to be released fast fast but I am happy they are giving me this opportuniy to watch the man die.” he said nonchalantly.

But there was nothing ordinary about the statement he just uttered to Dapo. The two of them had too many similarities that was making him uncomfortable and that was strongly telling him the IGE&OBI firm had a lot to gain, and him everything to lose.


They were on his yacht. It was early in the night and she was leaning on the rails of the yacht, her eyes lost in the sea that gently rocked the yacht.

He had called and asked to bring her there so they could talk.

She looked at him now as he approached her with a tray of small chops and a bottle of water.

He wanted her so bad to stay with him and he wanted so bad for her to keep his child.

Tiwa collected the plate of small chops with him, trying hard to fight the nausea that was now rising in her throat.

“Are you going to keep my baby now?” He did not wait for her to respond as his hands covered hers, “Please keep it. Please.”

Tiwa fought hard to fight back the nausea but there was nothing she could do as her food came pouring on the deck.

He held her and stroked her back gently.

And that moment it occurred to her, maybe she had been too unfair on him. Maybe she had been too harsh, maybe he deserved a second chance.

She remembered the text she’d received from Dapo a few days before. She did not have Dapo and couldn’t own him so maybe she could start a life with Chima.

When he had helped her clean up, she faced him and managed a smile, “30th” she muttered.

“What’s that?”

“The date. The date for the wedding. 30th of this month.”
Chima was ecstatic, he swept her off her feet and kissed her several times.

30th was just two weeks away and he would do everything to make it happen that day. There was no stopping him.



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  1. Monica is fighting a lost battle…if I knw anything abt True Love, it’s that it has a MIND of It’s Own…and will always find a way…u kept us waiting throughout yesterday, why naa??? Thanks anyways.

  2. IGE&OBI surely orchestrated the whole thing, from the attempt on dapo’s life to tiwa’s death threat. Playing chess with people’s lives… Smh. Starting to pity chima cos he’ll be the one to suffer directly from monica’s pawn move.

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