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Ms Animus

Dapo ran through the heavy downpour into the tall building that sat in the middle of an almost deserted area in Lagos Island.

It was an old building, the paint was peeling and cracks on some parts of the wall revealed it had been there for a while.

He climbed through the stairs, covering two to three stairs at the same time. Then he strolled through the long corridor and took a left turn.

He knocked once and the door was opened. Then he stepped into the room which was a sharp contrast of the building’s exterior. The two men in black that had briefed him about the details of his revenge were there waiting for him.

He took a seat opposite them.

“We are waiting for someone” One of the men said and Dapo shrugged. He relaxed in his seat and anticipated the arrival of the person they were waiting for.

And he barred every other thought away from his mind.


Chima was ecstatic.

He poured her a glass of water, kissed her on the forehead and handed the glass to her.

Then he took his seat opposite her and placed a gentle hand on her knees. He let his hands squeeze her knees and his eyes find hers.

“We will be happy, Tiwa”

“Would we?” She asked, unsure and uncertain of future filled with happiness with Chima. “You spent more than half of this relationship cheating on me and disrespecting me.”

“I did not cheat on you…”

“You’re a liar.”

She dropped the glass of water and paced the room. His eyes followed her every movement. She was impeccably dressed in a White bodycon dress, her legs still stylishly fitted in a pair of black courts.

“Tiwa, you must have seen the efforts I have made these past weeks to change.” He said gently, hoping his words would calm her and make her see reason.

“Efforts that were forced out because you felt threatened. Because your ego was on the line and because you were never going to sit back while your woman chased a worthless ex con around Lagos.”

Chima covered the distance between them and reached for her hands, “Yes, he made me wake up and realize I did not want to lose you. But I did it because I love you, because I want you. Tiwa, we are in love. We made promises. There is no way I would not fight for that if it was threatening to go away.”

She nodded slowly and allowed him place her head on his chest. His hands stroked her back gently, while she listened to the ticking of the clock and the beating of his heart.

“Can we get married as soon as we can?”

“No”. She said, causing him to stare at her in stunned silence.

“Why Tiwa?” He asked, his voice so shaky he almost did not recognize it.

“I want an abortion.”

Chima at no point in time saw that coming.


The guy there were waiting for arrived twenty minutes after Dapo strolled in. The meeting commenced and they got updated on the situation of things. He was supposed to be Dapo’s partner and they were supposed to get Chris Owambe out of the way and retrieve the document he wanted.

However, the further they explained their mission, the more confused Dapo got.

What was in all of these for IGE&OBI? Were they using him and making him see it as a revenge he desperately wanted? Could this be dangerous and potentially go wrong?

Was it too late to tell them he was not interested in the deal?

Those were the questions that ran through his mind on his drive back to the house. He wanted to talk to someone badly about it and the only person he wanted to speak to was her.

Pained seared through him like the cracks of a broken glass as he remembered the shocking revelation they got the day before.

She was pregnant for him.

Dapo could not feel anything more than anger and hurt.

She was not supposed to make love to him, she was not supposed to give him her everything. She was supposed to be his.

Maybe he was running mad and losing his mind but how could she not see or feel what he was seeing and feeling?

Surely they had a strong thing that could last forever.

He slowed down at a traffic light and his eyes rested on the radio. He turned it on and as if the pain of losing her and missing her was not enough, the song that was playing was Chris Brown’s New Flame.


Ewa was stupefied, she followed her sister from the bedroom into the kitchen. It was hard to understand Tiwa sometimes, even when you were her sister and have known her your whole life.

“Please Tiwa, just tell me you did not mean what you just said.”

“And why won’t I?” Tiwa inquired.

“Are you crazy? You want to abort the baby? What is wrong with keeping it? I mean, you are engaged to the father, you are both getting married soon and you have a great future together. Why would you be thinking of getting rid of it?”

Tiwa shrugged, “Because it is the one thing I want.”

Ewa scoffed, “The one thing you want. I cannot even believe you sometimes!”

“I’m not having Chima’s baby.”

“Why? Because I don’t get it.”

“Because I am no longer in love with him.”

Ewa gaped at her in shock, “This is about that hot prison guy?” the disbelief was not missing from her words. “I honestly really cannot believe you.”

“This has little to do with Dapo and everything to do with Chima. He disrespected and disregarded me all of our relationship and now you think a baby will change everything? I am not taking a chance with him, Ewa.”

“I’m not in support of this.”

“You don’t have to. I am doing it regardless.”

Ewa watched her sister intently and she realized that she was damn serious.


Monica was not done trying to seduce him and in her words, “give a great reminder of what before used to be like” and so when he returned to his new apartment, she was there, posing in lingerie he knew must have cost her tons of money and waiting for him.

She pounced on him like a cat, the moment he sauntered in. She placed kisses all over him and placed his hand on her boobs.

He tried to remove his hand but she held it firmly, her eyes locking with his.

Then she kissed him. He wanted to stop her and move away but he needed to drive away the insane pain he was going through.

He needed to find an escape from Tiwa and accept that she was never going to be his.

So he let his hands roam her back, find the hook and undid the bra.

Monica chuckled.

When his fingers found her nipples, she gasped in pleasure.

Then he pulled at her panties and began to slowly remove it.




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  1. This sure is getting complicated…now abortion then Monica with Dapo again….hmmm….I hope it doesn’t get too twisted o! Well done Coco, thanks for this wonderful read…

  2. Hmmmmmm…..ds is intriguing. ..i hope dapo isnt getting into more trouble. ..IGE&OBI could b more dangerous dan chris sef..

    Thanks Tomi…i look forward to ds nd it makes part of my day

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