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Ms Animus

He stopped the door from slamming shut in his face with his left leg and then with his hand, pushed it open and stepped into the apartment. She whirled, pushed him towards the exit while screaming and cussing.

He decided to let her utter all the words she had inside.

He is an asshole! He let my mom’s killer walk free on the streets of Lagos! I heard it! I fucking heard it! There has to be a way you can get help from someone who is less of an asshole!

Those words echoed in his heads minutes after she had stopped talking. It was the same thing she had said when he had appeared at her footstep to offer an explanation and the only words she repeated for a long time.

“Tiwa, I needed the help. There was nothing else I could do. My hands were tied, my company was sinking and my finances were ailing. Christ, what were you expecting me to do?” He asked, clearly getting frustrated at her refusal to see reason.

“That guy is an asshole, Chima! If you had waited a little more you would have found someone else.”

Chima scoffed, “Someone else where?”. He could not believe she meant that. “It was you who asked me to get a partner.”

“Well yes. But I did not think you would be getting the devil as your partner!”

Chima was trying very hard to be cool, “Tiwa please think about this when you are calm and let me know if I had any other choice but to take the only help I had.” He found his way back to the door and added, “Goodnight”. Then he stepped into the drizzling rain outisde the house.


“And what did you say to that?” Tiwa inquired, she was lying naked in the bath tub, immersed in water.

Dapo had called her to inform her of the IGE&OBI proposal some minutes before.

“I have waited my whole life to do this, Tiwa”.

Tiwa knew what that meant.

“But, I am still a bit skeptical” He paused, then asked after a few seconds, “Do you think there is anything in this for your bosses?”

Tiwa had actually not thought about that but now that he’d asked, she realized there was a huge possibility these people had something to benefit.

“They got me out, fought for me then are now giving me the chance to fight back. It seems all too good to be true.”

“Maybe, maybe not. But the question is, are you willing to get your revenge on this guy for what you saw him do to your friends years before?”

That was a fact, “Yes.”


The next few weeks was quite eventful for Dapo. He spent a lot of time in the Gym, read books on revenge, ate well and geared himself towards the biggest task of his life yet; murdering Chris Owambe.

He lived in the house prepared for him now and had readily accepted the money. His mother had been a bit reluctant but when Tiwa had approved, she had been fine.

By the time three weeks was over, Dapo had breathed, slept, eated and drank revenge.

His new favorite word was now, ANIMUS NOCENDI, meaning an Intent to do harm to another.

Tiwa came for dinner one evening after a long day at the gym. He had prepared dinner of fried fish and rice with lots of vegetables because he knew she loved that.

She had stepped into the house, held him tight and immediately complained of the nauseous way the fish was making her feel.

Then when she came back into the sitting room with him, she swayed and fainted in his arms.



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  1. that should be some fever or fish allergy.
    tiwa can’t be pregrant just yet,Dapo needs her to carry his baby na

    thanks hun! u rock tomi!

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