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Ms Animus


“Excuse us Madam. We have a few important things to discuss with Mr. Obisesan here.”

Monica frowned, her instincts had never failed her and something kept telling her these two men at the door were trouble. She glanced at Dapo who was now standing beside her at the entrance.

“Do you know them?” she asked him.


“We are from IGE&OBI and we are both here on behalf of Lanre Ige and Chibuzor Obi” One of them explained.

Monica still didn’t trust them. Not with the stony glares they casted on her and their expensive suits, which made them really similar to Will Smith and his partner in the Men In Black franchise.

“What do you have to say?” she queried, determined to understand the purpose behind their visit.

But the two men were not giving her the pleasure of sitting and getting to know the reason they were there. They looked at Dapo and one of them said to him, “Please Mr. Obisesan, we promise that this would be brief but we would need the lady to excuse us.”

Dapo looked at Monica, “Please excuse us, Monica”.

Monica stared at Dapo, stupefied. She could honestly not believe he was asking her to excuse him so he could have a moment alone with the duo in front of them but again, she couldn’t recognize him these days. So she picked her purse and stormed out angrily.

Dapo ushered the two men to a seat and shut the door behind them.

“Yes, Gentlemen?” he said, waiting to hear what they had to say.


The phone call came when she was halfway through her journey from the hospital. Chima wanted her to come pick him up from work because his car was with his PA whom he had sent on an errand hours before.

She had bought him lunch at THE PLACE, gotten drinks from Shoprite and headed over to his office.

When she tried his number from her car, he did not pick up. So she got down, entered the building and strolled to his office.

She heard laughter as she walked towards his office; the laughter was accompanied by a corny joke and then, more laughter. Then the door on her right opened and out stepped Chris Owambe in a red suit and a bandaged arm. Something she presumed he got courtesy of Chibuzor Obi’s labrador.

As he walked past her, the world seemed to pause, causing a  slow motion effect, making it seem like hours for him to get past her. She shuddered as he glanced at her, smiled and headed for the elevator.

What was he doing in Chima’s office she wanted to know?

She hastened into Chima’s office and did not allow him say a word before she asked, “What is Chris Owambe doing here?”

Chima responded calmly, “He is my partner”.

She was flabbergasted.


If anyone had mentioned this would happen at any point in time that day, he would have thought they were crazy.

A few things had been revealed to him since he let the two men in front of him into his private hospital ward; He was shot by someone sent by Chris Owambe, He had been lucky because this shooter had missed, IGE&OBI out of the benevolence of their heart had gotten him good medical attention because they felt responsible for the attack. The believed if they had not picked him for justice, then he would not have been attacked. He was being offered everything he had ever wanted, a large Agricultural business that extended through Africa, fifty million naira, a furnished apartment that would be all his and a brand new 2014 SUV.

He had also found out that the only thing he needed to do to activate everything they promised and to thank them for letting him walk free and saving his life again, was to murder Chris Owambe before the primaries began for the next election.

And that to him was a fantastic deal.

The man had not stopped at murdering his friends in cold blood; he had also made attempts on his own life too.

But why did these guys want him to do it in a month? Why not immediately?

“You see Chris Owambe has a lot of tight security around him. His house, his car and everywhere around him is impenetrable and he is being guarded by the best bodyguards in the game.” One of the men in black responded.

“You are going to need training to get past the whole team that guards him and you are going to need physical fitness to fight if need be just to face him. It’s not something you can just buy a gun for.” The other added.

“And you know Chris Owambe is not an easy man to get rid of. I mean, you would know because you have tried this before”

Dapo knew the guy was referring to his attempted murder on Chris Owambe seven years before when he tried to take him down after Chris had singlehandedly supervised the killing of his friends.

“You will however be getting a little help from a partner who is also being trained from this same purpose. You would meet him when the time is right.”

Dapo nodded as each of the men took their time to explain the task ahead.

“Another reason this is not happening now is because Chris has in his possession a very important video recording that needs to be delivered to us before the primaries begin. The room where this particular recording is held is underground in his private chamber.”

“Now you see why you need that training?”

Dapo nodded, he got it and he was ready.



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  1. Shoooorrrtttt!!!! (۳º̩̩́_º̩̩̀)۳ . I don’t think chris made d attempt on dapo’s life. I think IGE & OBI did.

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