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The incessant buzz of his phone was beginning to irritate him. He had hoped it would go away the first two times but that was not the case as it was now on its fourth ring.

He muttered a curse under his breath and opened his eyes. The Brazilian bombshell lying naked in his bed stirred, mumbled something inaudible and smiled in her sleep.

He looked away from her well-toned body, which was beginning to do a number on him as usual, and reached for the phone that was lying by his bedside.

“Ige” He snapped, clearly unhappy at being disturbed.

Lanre Ige chuckled from the other end of the line, he knew his friend and partner was with a woman and had probably had an interesting night. A night so interesting he didn’t want to wake up just yet the morning after.

“Its 9am, Chibuzor. Don’t sound so angry at being jolted from sleep” Lanre said and laughed.

“Your mother had better be dying” Chibuzor said, the sleep now fading away from his eyes. He did not appreciate being woken up from sleep. Lanre knew that but he did it anyway.

“Unfortunately, that isn’t the case”

Chibuzor grunted, “What do you want, Ige?”

“He has regained consciousness.”

Chibuzor nodded as if he could be seen by the other man. A smile slowly crept up on his stony face and settled there.

“And our girl has been there to visit”

“Just as we expected” Chibuzor said and Lanre added, “Yes. Just as we expected.”

The Brazilian beauty in Chibuzor’s bed was fully awake now. She knelt behind him on the soft massive bed, pinned her boobs on his naked back and began to nibble on his ears.

“Do you think she bought that story we told her?” Lanre asked after a few seconds had passed.

“She hates Owambe. She would buy anything that is said about him right now” Chibuzor responded, the hot woman behind him had found her under his boxer shorts and now he was mustering all his efforts not to moan in pleasure.

“What do you think she will do when she finds out the whole truth?”

“I don’t like it when you get human on me, Ige.” Chibuzor was beginning to grow impatient with the only man he had a little patience for. He softened a bit, partly because Lanre was his best friend and because he desperately wanted to get off the phone and take care of the situation in his boxers.

“It would be too late before she finds out anything, Ige. And by then, she would hardly be able to think.”

Lanre sighed and Chibuzor knew if he stayed on the phone with him, he would begin to question the reason they were doing all they had planned out. So Chibuzor said, “Set the next plan in motion. I will speak to you later.” and before Lanre could respond, he ended the call.


It was the first anniversary of his friends’ death that he had witnessed outside the prison walls.

Every anniversary before then had been marked in his cell and on his bed where he ate nothing all day and stared into thin air while he replayed the gruesome way in which he had lost his best friends.

The cool afternoon breeze hit him like a blast as he walked through the aisle created by several tombstones in the public cemetery, towards where his four best friends now lay.

He had dreamt about them as usual, the way he did every eve of their death anniversary. The way that he had seen them every year and that had further convinced him to revenge their individual deaths.

He reached George’s own first and crouched in front of it.

He had refused to allow his mother and Monica follow him here from the hospital. He had wanted to do this all by himself. He hadn’t wanted any form of interference while he was here.

But as he crouched in front of the first tombstone, he realized he wanted to be held. He realized it was not as easy as he had thought it would be.

Sitting in prison and thinking about them was one thing, crouching on the spot in front of where they laid buried because of the ghastly way they were beaten to death by a heartless crowd was another. This was hard to face. It was hard to see.


The breeze must have brought the soft recognizable voice to him from the Island, he thought. But when her hands held his and her body came close where he was, he knew it had nothing to do the breeze. She was there.

He looked at her beautiful face, which bore concern and worry for him, and he suppressed the urge to pull her into a long embrace. Rather, he allowed his hands to roam her soft face and his fingers to brush away the hair strands that were flying around her face.

“Your mom told me you were here. She said you didn’t want anybody here with you but I wanted to be here with you… to share the moment with you.” Then she held the hand on her face with her hand, “Please don’t tell me to go because I want to be here with you.”

Like he could even if he wanted to.

Maybe she did not know what she did to him. He bore her everywhere he went; the bathroom, his bed, when he walked around, the toilet. And he thought about her every time he breathed.

She was slowly becoming a huge part of his entity and she did not even know it.

“I don’t want you to go.” He muttered, unable to speak the words louder. Not because he didn’t want to but because he felt like life was being sucked out of him.

They both sat there in silence for a long time.

Minutes passed and nothing could be heard from the duo, just the sound of rustling leaves and the birds that chirped on the branches of the trees in the graveyard.

“It is hard to not want to kill that bastard though. They had big dreams.”

Tiwa said nothing. Dapo clearly didn’t know the whole Chris Owambe story yet and she was not supposed to say anything yet. That was what her boss, Lanre Ige had called to tell her that morning.

She was supposed to wait for his guys to come and break the news and then fuel Dapo’s urge to revenge.

“Sometimes, I feel living is selfish. You know we were all in that village together but I escaped. Now they are the ones who get to stay buried six feet deep and I am the one who gets to live”

“I am sure they want you to live, Dapo. I’m sure they want you to have a life.”

She turned to look at him and that was when she noticed the tear that now made its way down his cheeks. He was crying. He was crying for his friends.

Tiwa’s heart broke.

“Please don’t cry, Dapo. Please”.

He nodded and held her closer.

And they both sat there for a long time, neither bothered about anything else but each other.


She was grateful that he had somehow found laughter during their drive back home. She was behind the wheels, laughing at something funny he said about his friends and the silly things they got up to while they were alive.

He laughed so hard as he recounted the details of one of their escapades. When he was done, he turned to face her, “They were great guys”

Tiwa nodded, “I know. And you would always carry them in your heart. I will too and I can assure you the rest of the country will because it wasn’t just you that lost friends, we all lost them.”

He placed his hand on hers, “Thank you, Tiwa”.

She winked at him, “So should I buy you lunch?”

She noticed his hesitation and decided she was not giving him room to decline, “I am taking you to lunch and there is nothing you can do about that.”


Tiwa had dropped him off at the entrance to the hospital on purpose. She did not want to rile Monica up; neither did she want to give her a reason to put up a fight with her.

Immediately Dapo got off her SUV, she blew him a kiss, promised to keep in touch and zoomed off.

But she had been seen. Monica had gone to her house to do a few things, was returning in a cab when she saw Tiwa drive away. And she had been livid; she had stormed into the private ward and had yelled at Dapo as soon as she saw him.

“You will not treat me like this, Dapo. I demand some respect!”

Dapo said nothing; he got comfortable on the sofa and watched her quietly.

“I told you to tell that girl to stay away. She bailed you from prison, so what? Can’t she leave you alone now?”

“Monica you are being riled up for nothing” He said coolly.

“Its not nothing and you know it.” she tried to calm down and then continued gently, “Dapo I have seen the way you look at her. I know when you are beginning to fall in love with a woman. I have seen it before, it was the type of look you had for me when we started and it scares me because this is even more intense.”

Dapo looked away from her. She was speaking the hundred percent truth, he was beginning to fall in love with Tiwa.

Monica sat near him and held his hands in hers, “Dapo we have been through a lot together and I understand that sometimes, sparks die and someone else might seem more interesting and appealing but look at Tiwa. She does not belong to our level. She is engaged to another man and her world is very different from ours. This is something that would pass. Please don’t let temporary emotions ruin us. Please.”

Dapo managed a smile.

“Is your mother back?” Monica asked, she had placed a call to Dapo’s mother before she came and the woman had informed her that she had gone home to freshen up and buy some foodstuff and put the house in order for Dapo’s arrival.


Monica smiled at the response. She walked to the door, bolted it and returned to Dapo. Then she stripped herself of her blouse, revealing a healthy set of breasts and then she got on her knees and reached for his zip.

Dapo’s hand stopped her, “Stop Monica. This is not what we need right now.”

“I think we need this actually. Maybe you need to be reminded of what it used to be like so you would realize this is what you really want.”

Then she dipped her hands into his shorts, and began to work her mouth on him.


The two men drove into the quiet hospital and parked the car in the open space made available for parking in the compound.

Lanre Ige had tipped them that it was the time to go and discuss the next line of action with Dapo Obisesan and now they were on their way to accomplish their mission.

Dressed in black tuxedos and black patent shoes, each man was armed with a digital tab, a phone and a wire that would record their entire conversation. They marched through an alternative entrance, which nobody (except the Chief Medical Doctor) knew about and found their way to the door of the room which housed Dapo.

When they got to the door, they knocked.


Monica was struggling with Dapo to keep her mouth on him and so far it had not been easy. Now with the knock on the door, she had failed woefully. She hissed in frustration and buttoned up.

“When we are alone, I will like to understand why I don’t turn you on again o.” she said and sauntered off to the entrance expecting to see Dapo’s mother at the door.

The two black men she saw shocked her and worse, her instincts told her that with this men, nothing was right.



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  1. Gehn gehn. But this Moniica girl should take a chill pill. Dude has been upfront with her from the start. I hope the Ige & Obi’s plans won’t blow up in their faces.

  2. hmmmm na wa oooo … i dont know but i think Ige and co are up to something badddddd and i dont want Tiwa to get pregnant for Chima ooooo

  3. I hope Ige&Obi don’t use Tiwa to get their selfish(abi na selmeat) desires o! And dat Chima with his getting Tiwa pregnant scheme won’t work. I knw Chris will pay, Nemesis will catch up wit him, one way or another. And I won’t b happy if Tiwa and Dapo got caught up in d midst….

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