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Ms Animus


On his way to work the next morning, he branched somewhere quite interesting.

He’d had Tiwa driven to work in his Porsche, had a huge surprise awaiting her after work and made sure he made love to her twice before he left the house.

After which he had driven in his Benz to the Abiona’s family hospital in Victoria Island.

Ewa was there waiting for him when he arrived.

They had hugged and proceeded into the Gynaecologist’s office.

“I have told him what we are coming here for and made him understand that Tiwa is too shy to discuss her ovulation with anybody other than family. Because he knows I am her closest kin and he trusts me, he has told me to come here with details of her next ovulation period so he can tell me the chances of her getting pregnant during that period.” Ewa explained as she walked effortlessly in her sky-high heels towards the office. “Of course these things aren’t certain but you will have to do it everyday without protection so that she can have a very high chance of getting pregnant and you can get some fertility drugs to make sure it happens the next ovulation period.”

Chima chuckled, “If you already know all of these, then why are we going to see the Doctor?”

Ewa laughed, “Because he is a professional and because I know that you can be a jerk sometimes but I would rather you be my sister’s husband not that guy”

Chima nodded, “But do you think she is falling for him?”

The smile was gone from Ewa’s face when she said, “Seriously? Yes”. She continued by adding, “Listen, the guy is hot and fine and it would take a lot not to want to have a fling with someone like that but we just have to ensure it remains just that; a fling.”

Chima got it. He nodded as he tried to fight away the feeling of jealousy that overwhelmed him.

When they got to the Doctor’s office, Ewa dragged him to a halt, “Chima, I am doing all these for you because I love my sister and I want the best for her. Once you get her pregnant you better be ready to be fully responsible”

“You know I am responsible Ewa.”

“No you are not.” She said firmly, “But you better be ready to be, ASAP”

He nodded, “I promise.”

“Great.” She said and opened the door to the Doctor’s office.


“The bosses want to see you”

Tiwa frowned at Queen. That was one unusual call. The senior partners at any point had never summoned her since she joined IGE&OBI. Just like the rest of the members of staff, when she was employed, she met the two bosses separately.

Nobody had ever been summoned to see both men at the same time.

Her heart beat at an increased pace. Did that mean she had done something wrong?

She sprang up from her seat and began to recall all her cases since she joined the firm.

Was it something she said wrong at any point? Did they think she wasn’t capable enough? Was she going to be thrown out of the company?

She muttered a prayer as she stepped into Lanre Ige’s office and shut the door behind her.

“Sit down” Lanre said and she took a seat on the leather sofa opposite Chibuzor Obi who stared at her blankly.

“Good afternoon sir” she greeted the other partner with a shaky voice. He simply nodded.

She looked away from him. Lanre walked over to where she was.

“Do you want anything to drink?” Lanre asked.

He was offering her a drink? She was relieved. It meant she wasn’t in big trouble then. But she still awaited the big reveal.

“Why are you tense?” Chibuzor asked her and she shook her head.

“I’m not tense sir.”

“That’s a poor lie.” He responded.

She nodded. She didn’t know what to do and she needed them to be done so she could walk out as soon as possible.

“You were attacked recently,” Lanre said and she faced him sharply. She had not shared that information with anyone other than her family and Chima.

“It was Chris Owambe” Lanre Ige said.

She stilled.

“Don’t worry, he doesn’t want you dead. If he wanted that, you would have been dead but he wanted Dapo Obisesan dead.”

Tiwa’s pulse quickened.

“Dapo Obisesan, your very good friend” Lanre Ige said with meaning.

He probably knew the whole details of how they had spent so much time together since he got out of prison. The day he had touched her in her kitchen was suddenly refreshed in her memory and she wondered if her bosses knew that part.

“We know where Dapo is now and how critical his situation is and so we arranged to have him moved from the General hospital to somewhere more equipped in Ikeja GRA” Lanre said. “There he would be taken care of by the best hands and his health would be restored soon.”

“Then he would be trained by the best hit men in this continent, the best fitness instructor and would have the best diet, the best cars and the best houses” he continued. “After which he would take down Chris Owambe and his team of assholes.”

Tiwa was shocked; she gaped at Lanre Ige and then Chibuzor Obi.

“Because we know all of these is not going to be easy for him to accept or take in, we have decided that you will make him fall in love with you, trust you and then get him to commit each crime at each designated period”

This was not happening. Her own bosses weren’t making her an accomplice to premeditated murder.

Had they been so angry at what Chris Owambe did earlier in the week?

“Chris Owambe is working hard to take this company down and murdering us two and so this must happen before he gets around to it. And that means ASAP” Lanre said, giving her more answers than she had expected to get for her unasked question.

“So what do you say, Barrister Abiona?” Chibuzor Obi asked, “Remember he had you attacked and had your mother’s killer walk free,” he added, apparently trying to fuel her desire to commit a crime.

And she had to admit it was so damn appealing.


Chima’s trip to the Doctor had been fulfilling and he had been ecstatic to hand Tiwa her present, a brand new car.

She had been thankful but he could swear she wasn’t so happy. But he let that go. They ate dinner in silence at his apartment when her phone rang.

Tiwa checked the caller ID, it was Mrs. Obisesan.

“Hello. Good evening ma”

Mrs Obisesan was over the moon on the other end of the line, Tiwa could feel her excitement from where she was. “Tiwa, omo mi. Bawo ni?”

“Fine ma” Tiwa responded.

“Wo Dapo ti ji o. Dapo is awake and he is stronger! I am so happy. God is good. Please help me thank your Oga. I called you earlier today to say thank you but you were not picking up. Why have you not been visiting again?”

Tiwa did not know what to say. Chima’s eyes were on her at the moment.

“Anyway, when are you coming? I am sure he wants to see you,” she said.

And Tiwa did not think before saying, “Now.”


Chima did not believe she was going to see a friend on the mainland. To him that was utter BS, especially since she wouldn’t take his offer to drive and won’t let his driver drive her either.

“Where in Ikeja are you going? Are you sure it is not to see that criminal?” He asked, scrutinizing her.

“Come on, Chima. Isn’t the hospital you took me to in Surulere?”

“Hmm….” was all he said before he slammed her door shut. “Be careful,” He muttered as she drove out of his compound.


There was light traffic to the mainland because she was going at such a late hour. She had arrived at the hidden hospital in record time.

The closer she drove to the hospital, the more excited she was to see him. She smiled all through the drive as she nodded and sang along to Boyz II Men’s Down On Bended Knees, heartily.

The hospital was a small private place in the middle of Ikeja GRA. In front of it was a lush lawn, in the middle of which stood a tall rod of Asclepius; water gushing into a fountain from the mouth of the snake, which entwined the staff.

Tiwa walked past the fountain on the interlocking tiles and into the reception where she was directed to see Dapo.

She walked through a long corridor, passing a few medical personnel as she approached Dapo’s room.

She opened the door and stepped into the large ward, a far cry from where he was previously.

The floor was covered with a soft rug, the wall painted cream with different quotes hanging on it. There was a sofa and a chaise lounge at the far end of the room, in front of which hung a plasma TV. The home theatre was from one of the leading brands.

Dapo was walking from the end of the room towards his bed, which was close to the door when she stepped in.

Only the bed and medical equipment by it reminded one of a hospital, everything else resembled a home.

Her bosses meant business.

His eyes met hers when she walked in and they held it for the next few seconds. She swallowed hard, fighting the urge to race into his arms and kiss him senseless. She covered the space in between them and whispered into his ears.

“Never make me that scared again in your life, okay?”

He smiled, pulled her close and kissed her breathlessly.

He kissed her for not seeing her for days, he kissed her because he missed her; he kissed her because when he opened his eyes she was the only one who mattered, he kissed her because he was falling for her hard.

Monica stepped out of the kitchen with Mrs Obisesan, a large tray of food in her hands. She stopped dead in her tracks when she sighted Tiwa and Dapo kissing each other.

Livid, she dropped the tray on the sofa, walked to them both, pulled Tiwa away from Dapo’s grip and pointed the door to her.

“Get the hell out of this place you slut!” she yelled angrily.

Tiwa smiled, “Alright Monica.” she faced Dapo, “I will see you soon”.

“NO you won’t” Monica yelled as Tiwa walked out of the door. Mrs. Obisesan followed Tiwa.

Monica might want Tiwa to be away from Dapo but she wanted the exact opposite and what she wanted was what was going to happen.


Chima had not seen his new investor since he or she saved his business. But they were coming in that morning to see him and he was excited to see whom he was going into business with temporarily.

He had planned to use their help while he could and buy them out when he could stand on his feet again.

He opened the door to his boardroom and shook hands with his business partner, his PA and financial advisor as his own team too took their place.

“I’m sure you recognize him but for due reference, let me introduce to you Mr. Chris Owambe, the new partner at Excellent company.”

Chris Owambe smiled satisfactorily.



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