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Ms Animus


She might have heard about the interesting occurrence if she had been free all day. But she hadn’t. She had been busy with so much work and it was until she stepped into the kitchen to have lunch that she heard the news.

Everyone in the kitchen was buzzing about it when she walked in. She sat opposite Queen, Tunde and Oma the reporter as she was fondly called, with a plate of boiled plantain and fried eggs.

“Serves him right, abeg. The guy thinks he owns Lagos and the people in it. That humiliation was what he rightly deserved.” Oma said as she cut her teeth into a beefy sandwich.

“I know I am still very young and new in these things but don’t you think the firm might be doing a wrong thing by setting criminals free every year? What if they are more dangerous out here than in the system?” Queen asked innocently and Oma gave her an icy stare.

“You are foolish,” She said, making Queen to look away, embarrassed.

“Oma you’re wicked” Tunde said lightly and faced Queen, “Queen, we do a lot of underground work on the guys we provide Pro Bono services for before we decide to go ahead and help them.”

Tiwa nodded, swallowed some water and continued from where Tunde stopped, “For instance with the Dapo Obisesan case, a lot of background checks had been done before they decided to help the guy. We help people who we believe are innocent or that we know really need the help.”

Queen understood it now.

“You know, there is this rumour that there is a huge part of this company that we don’t see or know about that takes care of things like background checks and also private investigation” Oma said and they laughed. She didn’t come by the name Oma the reporter by chance. It was because apart from being a Barrister, she was a great gossip as well.

“I’m serious, guys. It is those people that certify our pro bono clients worthy of our services. Or haven’t you ever wondered how they get it done?”

“I know I am stale, but please update me on what happened here today that the whole office is buzzing about” Tiwa said. She glanced around the large kitchen. Her other colleagues were still chattering about the whole event. And it apparently featured Chris Owambe.

“Chris Owambe was here today” Queen began, “But he left here disgraced”

Tiwa’s interest was piqued. She abandoned the boiled plantain and fried eggs in her plate and concentrated on her Personal assistant.

“What did he come and do here?”

“Apparently, he heard we were working towards our next Pro Bono case and he found out it was one of the people he had put in jail for diverting chickens to a different source in his farm in Abeokuta.” Tunde chided.

“How did he find out?” Tiwa asked, “I mean, even I didn’t know we were working on picking the next client yet.”

“That is because nobody ever knows until the Lawyer handling the case is told by the Ogas.” Tunde responded, “But somehow, this guy found out and came here for war”

“If you ask me, I think it might be one of the guys close to the bosses.” Oma said, “This is not even happening now. The case is for next year so it must be someone really close that let it out.”

“Wow” was all Tiwa could mutter.

“And when Chris heard, he apparently thought the brightest thing to do was to come here and raise hell.” Oma said. “He said he wasn’t going to allow this firm represent another one of the guys that had wronged him”

Tiwa could picture Limping-sicko’s face as he spoke those words to her bosses.

“He insisted on barging into the bosses’ offices and when he wasn’t let in, he stormed through the office, yelling at the top of his voice and calling them out”

“All these happened and I didn’t even know” Tiwa said with disbelief.

“My dear, it was like something off a Nollywood movie. And believe me when I say it was a huge relief from work because we all listened and some even watched with keen interest” Oma said and then continued with the rest of her narration, “He made a mistake by bursting into Oga Chibuzor’s office.” she added, referring to Chibuzor Obi’s office.

Tiwa’s eyes widened.

Lanre Ige was the conspicuous one and the partner most people saw in IGE&OBI. He was the one that responded to the media, the one the whole firm saw more often and even though he was firm and strict with his policies, he was the one the whole firm could relate with.

Nobody dared to go near Chibuzor Obi. He was a loner. The man was in his early sixties and he lived with his dog, a dangerous black Labrador, in his Ikoyi home where he never received visitors.

Chibuzor was some sort of a mafia; he came to the office dressed in vintage suits, a Cuban cigar in his hands and his dog which sat in his office with him.

Tiwa found her voice and said, “Oh my God, the…” her companions on the table finished the sentence for her when they chorused, “The dog”.

“Chibuzor junior leapt at him without hesitation and almost destroyed him” Oma said, referring to the dog attacking Chris.

Tiwa’s hands flew to her mouth.

“Oga Chibuzor watched with interest and then called security to come and throw the remains of Chris Owambe out of the office. By then, everyone had gathered because Chris was shouting in pain. Oga Lanre did not even come out sef. It was as if he knew it was that man,” Oma said as she brought the story to a close.

“You know they have CCTVs in their individual offices. He must have seen him enter.” Tunde said and Oma nodded.

“So where is Chris now?”

“Who knows; Maybe a hospital? What he came to do here is what I don’t know. And of all offices to barge into, it had to be Chibuzor Obi’s own. Now all he would have left is just one leg. Someone that had one and a half before.”

Tiwa leaned on her seat as she tried to take in the very graphic image of Limping-sicko being torn to pieces by a dog. She wished she hadn’t missed the show, she wished she had witnessed every part of it.

Slowly, she smiled, served the asshole right.


Chibuzor Obi leaned on the white leather sofa in the office as he inhaled the smoke from his Cuban cigar. Lanre poured him a glass of scotch and took a seat opposite him in his office.

“He is a stupid boy. The dog perceived his stupidity and could not help but do something drastic about it” Chibuzor said gently. He placed his legs on the coffee table in front of him and picked the glass of scotch.

“One of the boys that trailed his car said he is responding to treatment at the hospital,” Lanre said. “I think we should have him closely monitored so he does not catch us unawares.”

Chibuzor agreed with a nod, “I do not want a repetition of that scenario to ever occur again. I cannot stand miscreants bursting into this place like it is an extension of their little sitting room”

Lanre nodded, he understood the whole idea.

“And have all the people here checked too. Someone leaked that information to him and I want that person discovered.”

Lanre already had that covered but he had not gotten the result yet.

“My dog had a good lunch though,” Chibuzor said and the two men burst out laughing.


She didn’t hold back that night when they made love. The reason was not far fetched. Her archenemy, Chris Owambe aka Limping-sicko had tasted the infamous bitch called Karma.

It was exhilarating to know that he had been dealt with severely and that he wouldn’t be the same again after that encounter.

Chima covered her with the duvet and slowly trailed her wounded hand with kisses. She was healing quite fast, thanks to medication and constant medical attention from her Uncle’s family Doctor.

“Since when did we stop using condoms?” She asked Chima who snuggled her. She noticed he hadn’t been bothered about condoms in a while and had not insisted on her taking birth control pills.

“Since when I decided we need to stop.” He replied. “You are going to be my Mrs. What do I need a condom for?”

“But I thought we were trying not to have kids yet?” She said to him.

“I am ready for whatever happens, Tiwa. I’m not a little boy and I cannot be scared of pregnancy”

Tiwa nodded but she wasn’t sure she wanted to have a baby with Chima yet; or maybe not at all. These days she wasn’t sure about him anymore.

“So guess what?” He asked her, his eyes lighting up.

“What is it?”

“Some old money walked into my company today and offered to clear our debts and invest billions into the company. We are back on our feet baby!”

Tiwa did not bother to ask what the whole contract entailed before she hugged him tight. He drew her mouth closer for a kiss.

“I have everything I want now, Tiwa. You and my company.”

Tiwa nodded as he got on top of her and made love to her again.




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