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Ms Animus


She stood by the door and watched him quietly from there.

He was still unconscious. She watched as he breathed, his eyes shut and how helpless he looked laying in that state.

She hated that. She wanted to help so badly but she knew she couldn’t.

Covering the tiny distance between them, Tiwa sat near Dapo on the hospital bed. She wiped a sweat from his eyebrow and adjusted his shirt.

“Please wake up” she muttered.

If watching him this way killed her, she wondered how excruciating it would be for his mother to see him like this.

Monica walked in and eyed her, “What are you doing here?” she asked coldly.

“I came to see Dapo. Is that a problem?”

Monica nodded, “It is a problem. Do you think maybe you can stay away for a while?”

Tiwa smiled, “Why?”

“Because we do not want you here!”

Tiwa glanced at Dapo’s sleeping frame and back at the woman in front of her, “I am sure Dapo would disagree with that”

Monica pulled her by the hand and dragged her to the entrance, “Tiwa let me tell you something; Dapo and I have history.

“I know you do and…”

“Let me talk!”

Tiwa decided she would let the other woman do the talking. Monica continued, “We have been through a lot together and I do not intend to leave him for you.”

“I am not taking him away from you, Monica.” She raised her ring finger and flashed her the expensive diamond she was wearing courtesy of Chima, “I’m engaged”

Monica scoffed, “Have you seen the way he looks at you? And the way he tells me off whenever you are in the same room as him? You think he cares about this ring?”

Tiwa knew Monica was right, Dapo hadn’t even acknowledged the ring since Chima slid it in her finger right in front of him days before.

To Dapo, Chima was non-existent.

“I had an abortion for him when we were in school and had complications through it. He is the only thing I have left. There is no way I am letting you come in with your rich fake self and take him away like you deserve all the men in the world!”

Tiwa was stupefied. Monica and Dapo really had history and that history was one she knew she couldn’t mess with. She placed a hand on Monica’s shoulder, “Oh my God I am so sorry, Monica” she muttered. Her heart going out to Monica as she tried to imagine what she might have gone through.

“The only way you can show that you are sorry is by staying away from my man. You already have everything don’t take way from me the only thing I have”

Tiwa nodded slowly, she got it.


“Where have you been? We have looked everywhere for you. We were so worried…” Ewa was still talking but the rest was lost on her. After driving her Range into her compound, she had rushed into the house to sit and go over everything Monica had told her earlier.

I had an abortion for him when were in school…. he is the only thing I have left…

She couldn’t explain why she hurt so bad knowing Dapo could never be hers and that was why she decided she needed rest.

A lot had happened to her in the last few days. There was the attack in her apartment, there was Dapo’s attack and then there was Monica telling her to stay away. And she knew she would because Monica had gone through a lot for Dapo.


Tiwa slumped into a chair. “Please get me a glass of water”

Ewa disappeared into the kitchen and reappeared with a glass of water, “Are you okay? Shouldn’t you still be at the hospital being taken care of? Uncle just left here now. He has gone to arrange for CCTV cameras to be installed here and for bodyguards.”

Tiwa drank the glass of refreshing water.

“Bodyguards?” she frowned at her sister.

“Yes. He is not taking chances with us anymore.”

“Okay” Tiwa nodded, she couldn’t talk much or think much at the time.

“Chima was worried about you too. He is on his way here. Where were you?”

The answer to the question was suspended when they both heard a knock on the door. Ewa went to answer it and returned with a visibly worried Chima.

“Where have you been, Tiwa? You weren’t picking your calls and you told no one where you were headed?”

He looked disheveled and tired. Tiwa noted. Chima never looked like that. Something had to be wrong.

“I went to see Dapo at the hospital.” she replied.

Chima looked at her incredulously, “You went to see him again?”

“What is he doing at the hospital?” Ewa inquired.

“He got shot a few days back and my fiancée here has refused to leave his bedside since then” Chima said, clearly livid.

“He needed me,” Tiwa said

“And how do you know that?” Chima yelled, “He is a criminal, Tiwa. He almost killed someone and he was thrown into jail for it for seven years. And that is the person you decide to hang around? I can’t believe who you have become.”

That made Tiwa angry, “This is who I have always been; someone who cares about the other person. Maybe you didn’t know this because you never truly cared to know me enough but this is who I have always been, Chima”

Ewa watched the duo and raised her hands, “Hey guys, please don’t fight. Please”

Tiwa stood and sauntered off towards her room.

“Excuse me, Chima.” Ewa said and hurried after her elder sister.

Tiwa was sitting on the bed when Ewa joined her in the room, “You were wrong though,” Ewa said as soon as she entered the bedroom.

“Wrong for looking out for a friend? I cannot believe you just sounded like that idiot”

“Tiwa, Dapo is not your friend. Do you even know how silly that sounds?”

Tiwa frowned at her younger sister, then she said calmly, “Do you know how you are beginning to sound?”

“Dapo is an ex convict. Someone whose life is utterly different from ours and who has a long way to go in getting his life together after spending a good number of it in Prison. He is different from us, he is beneath you and everything you stand for and believe in”

Ewa held her sister’s hands and continued, “If you are fascinated by him, because I know you might be, with all that fine face and hot body, then fuck him as many times as you want and get it over with.”

She let the words sink into her elder sister and then she added, “Dapo is the guy you fuck, the guy who gives you orgasms not the guy you look after and replace with a guy like Chima. And he is certainly not who you should be calling friend.”

When Ewa was done, she stood and strolled out of the spacious bedroom, leaving her elder sister to ponder over everything she had just said.

Chima was just getting off the phone when she emerged from the room, “How is she?” He asked her.

“Fine. Get her pregnant or something Chima. Own her and let her realize she cannot go ahead chasing fantasies. If you had married her long before now, she wouldn’t have had time to chase an ex convict that reminds us all of Idris Elba.”

And her words sank deep into Chima. He might not be able to marry her right now and give her the wedding of her dreams but he could get her to carry his child.

A slow smile formed on his face.


He picked her up from work and had his driver follow them with her car some days later.

He was under a lot of pressure from work and he needed to get away from all the tension and stress. As he drove them to a house he owned in Ajah, somewhere secluded from the public and one of his best properties, she sat beside him in silence.

He glanced at her, she was dressed in a black shirt and black pants. He could see a boob peeking at him from beneath the shirt as they rode in silence. That made him want her more than he had in the last few days.

Get her pregnant or something Chima….

Ewa’s words jumped at him again, for the thousandth time since she said them to him days ago.

He was losing a lot around him at the moment and he didn’t want to add Tiwa to the list. He wanted her. He wanted her more than he ever had since they got together five years before.

He slowed down at a traffic light, “There is something I have to tell you,” he said.

“What is it?” She asked without glancing at him.

“I’m broke.”

Tiwa turned to look at him sharply. In all of the years she had known this guy, he had never admitted to being broke.

“Jesus! Chima what happened?”

He smiled sadly and then launched into a detailed explanation of how his Tech Company had now come to be threatened by ailing finances.

“What are you going to do now, babe?”

He didn’t miss that she used a term of endearment. And he had to swear that it felt good to hear that after such a long time.

“I don’t know to be honest but my financial advisor says if I get a partner soon then we would be fine.”

“Then get a partner, Chima”

“But I didn’t dream of this when I started this company. I didn’t see anyone sharing my dreams with me.”

“If that is what you need to do to keep this place afloat then please do it and worry about that later.”

He nodded, that was why he needed her in his life. No other woman was as caring and sweet as Tiwa. There was no way he was letting that criminal think he had a chance.

“Please spend the next couple of days with me. You can go to work from Ajah, I will have my driver drop you every morning” he pleaded and she nodded without hesitation.

“Anything to make you feel better” she said to him and he smiled genuinely.

“I love you Tiwa”

She kissed him gently.

Then he sped home, prepared to make that night special.


Tiwa had not expected to see rose petals surrounding the bed, neither had she expected to hear one of her favorite songs blaring through the home theatre in his million naira bungalow in Ajah.

She smiled at him as Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown sang No Air.

“What’s the occasion?”

“I haven’t done anything special for you in a while, Tiwa.”

She hugged him, “Thanks for this, Chima.”

“I want to make love to you”

Tiwa had always ached for Chima’s touch and body a lot in the past but when he had left her and Dapo had shown her how pleasuring a woman should really feel like, she had lost the zest for him.

But she knew she couldn’t say “no” to him at the moment. He needed her and if letting him have her body was going to make him feel better then so be it.

“Then make love to me” she said.

He stripped her of her clothes gently and then stripped himself of his, and then while they were naked he carried her to the bathroom.

There he placed her in the Jacuzzi, spread out her legs, placing each on each of his own shoulders and put his tongue inside her.

She shut her eyes tightly. Two things happened to her, surprise and pleasure.

Chima had never been the one to take his time with making love but this was different.

He placed his hands on her boobs and drove her into ecstasy as he played with them and as his tongue smoothly found their way from her clit to her down there.

“Damn Chima” she moaned, while trying to understand when and how he became this skilled.

She moaned his name more times than she ever had since they got together five years before until she came.

“Now come let’s make babies” He chuckled and led her to the bed where he made love to her the best way she could ever remember from him.




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