Madness Or Nah?? Woman Arrested For Allegedly Living With Husband’s Corpse For Nine Months

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In a situation which can be described as uncanny and somehow strange, an Indiana woman, Ila Solomon, 55, of Lafayette Ariz, has been arrested and jailed after living with the corpse of her husband, Gerald Gavan, 88, who according to a coroner died 9 months earlier.

According to the Indy channel, Solomon allegedly told police officers who came looking for him that she has moved him to an assisted living facility, but when they found his decomposing body hidden beneath a tarp in the house and in an advanced state of decay, she then claimed he had only died a few days before and she was keeping the body because he wanted to be eaten by birds as part of an Indian ritual involving vultures consuming a persons corpse, but forensic evidence claimed otherwise.

An investigation in June by the journal and courier state that officiate records show that Ila was married three times before her marriage to Gavan, and records also suggest that two of those marriages ended in the man’s death, but Ila told the paper that she was only married once, and the records are incorrect.

However she is now facing multiple felony theft, and welfare fraud charges as well as a charge for the failure to report a dead body after authorities believed her real motive was to collect and cash in on her late husband’s pension and social security checks.

However, Gavan’s cause of death remains undetermined. image
Photo source: ABC news.

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