Jorge Mendes Reveals How Much It Would Take To Buy Cristiano Ronaldo

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Any team interested in buying Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid should be ready to part away with £785 million.

According to his agent Jorge Mendes, that is the release clause in his current contract.

Ronaldo’s name has been floating around the transfer market, with many reports linking him with a move back to Old Trafford, and Mendes has stated that it won’t likely happen.

“I no longer get calls from anyone asking about Cristiano because they know that it is impossible to get him out of Madrid, so it’s not worth them calling to ask for it,” Mendes said.

“The price is that stated in his release clause – €1bn (£785m).

“United are in his heart and he is very respectful of people who show him affection but he is in Madrid to the end.”



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