#InTheNews: Two Kids Raped And Infected With HIV By Mother’s Lover

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32-year-old man, Mr Terkura Torpuu was on Thursday arraigned before a chief magistrate’s court in Makurdi, the Benue state capital for raping and infecting two girls, aged eight and six , who are the daughters of his lover mrs Msos Tor with HIV, Punch Metro reported.

It was learnt that both the mother of the two girls and the rapist had been HIV positive for over a year and had been using anti-retro viral drugs. In a situation similar to the popular saying “One day breeze will blow and fowl yansh will open”, it was observed that the kids had started walking in an unusual manners. Taken for medical examination at Hemko, it was discovered that that the girls had been defiled through “forceful penetration” and infected with HIV.

When interviewed, the victims revealed that they were raped by their mother’s boyfriend. The accused was ordered to be remanded in prison by the magistrate, Lilian Tsumba and the case adjourned till December 4.

When incidents like this occur, we are reminded of how unsafe the girl child is, and how much care and protection she needs in a world where wolves are roaming about looking for prey to devour. Please let us do everything in our power to end rape..

Kathy Esan

Kathy Esan

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