#InTheNews: Girl, 6, Brutally Attacked By Mom After She Couldn’t Count to 12

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In an incident that can only be described as a horror movie which can be aptly titled “Devilish mom from hell”, a Pennsylvania mum, Brittany Ruck, 25, of Conway has been accused of subjecting her 6-year-old daughter to extreme abuse after she couldn’t count to 12.

According to WPXI, during the august 31st incident, she pulled her daughter’s hair so hard leading to a head injury which is described in medical terms as traction, a separation between the scalp and skull which creates a void that fills with blood, which end up pooling around the eyes giving the patient raccoon eyes.

Conway police officer, Mike Priolo said Ruck allegedly admitted to police that she pulled her Daughter’s hair in an attempt to get her to pay attention. Priolo further said the little girl claimed she could only count to ten because she had 10 fingers, but couldn’t count any further and that’s when her mom grabbed her by the hair.

Ruck was charged this week with endangering the welfare of children, aggravated assault, simple assault and recklessly endangering another person.

Kathy Esan

Kathy Esan

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