How To Be A Boss/Leader

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In almost every area, there is nothing harder than finding our way to the top of the ladder. Well, except staying up there at the top, of the chain. No matter the size of the organisation or business, being a good boss requires more than just wearing power suits and tie all week long. It is about having certain characters or qualities that make your workers respect you, effective and make clients and prospective customers want to associate with you. Being a good boss is not easy especially in small scale businesses or organisations where the work environment is more casual than formal. Therefore, in order to be a boss who leads by honorable examples, these are some of the things you need to do:

  1. Realize it the joint effort of your workers that make management a success: as a good boss, you have to understand that it is not your effort alone that makes the department you are heading a success. In fact, majority of the work is done by the people working for you. So, it is never about your input alone that makes you a successful leader but the inputs of your workers.
  2. Share duties and responsibilities and trust in the abilities of your workers: a good must understand the strength of his team members and then delegate duties accordingly. When duties are shared according to the strength and abilities of the workers, the work is done more effectively and faster than you can think of. Another thing is trusting your workers are not to try to undermine their abilities. If you give them work to do, do not butt in at all times trying to make them feel inadequate and inefficient.
  3. Empower your workers to make decisions and don’t doubt them: building your workers to be able to make powerful decisions to bring about changes brings about efficient productivity. Do not allow your workers to depend on you every time they need to make a choice and never doubt them. If one of your workers’ decisions does not go well, never chasticise him so badly that he never believes himself again. Let every bad decision be used as a form of training the workers.
  4. Help your workers to work out their issues without your intervention: it is normal to have workers who almost never agree about anything. If they bring the situation to you, encourage them both and tell them you trust in their abilities to get along with each and work together. Never takes sides with any of the workers and never let take their bickering to the front of a customer.
  5. Deal with problems quickly an directly: when issues arise, never allow your workers beat about the bust when explaining what went. Ask them to go straight to the bottom line, as polite as you can. Provide solutions to the problem just as fast too.
  6. Show your appreciations: a simple thank you goes a very long way with everybody, including your workers. Always say thank you for every work they do. Pay them good compliment as often as you can, especially in front of your customers. You can also give awards to the workers that did very well to encourage them to better and other workers to follow their lead.
  7. Always pay attention: a good boss must be a good listener. He must be able to pay attention to the things his workers are saying, filter the useful ones and discard the wrong ones. Never see the opinion of your workers as irrelevant.

Being a good boss is about developing a conducive environment for his workers to thrive in, trust and showing appreciation to those that work for you.


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