Hong Kong Protesters Use Art To Express Themselves

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The Hong Kong Protest tagged the Umbrella Revolution started in September 2014 when anti-government advocates in the country protested outside the government headquarters, occupying several major city intersections after the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPCSC) announced its decision on proposed electoral reform.

So far, the protest which started with a huge crowd, started diminishing, easing off their blockade of Hong Kong government and allowed civil servants to return to work after the authorities gave an ultimatum for the police to restore access to the buildings.

Though small business had started suffering from the protests and women were being violated as well as sexually harassed, the protester heads are said to meet with the Chief Executive leaders of Hong Kong for a dialogue.

However, the protest took a fine turn when participants used art to enhance the protest. Artists used their abilities to express their concerns towards the purpose of the demonstration. According to one of the demonstrators, the wall paper art was like their “paper tweets”.

hk art 3

See the rest of the art works below;

hk art 1

hk art 2

hk art 4

hk 6

Chioma Halima Olabode

Chioma Halima Olabode

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