HAIR 101: Why Your Hair Breaks And What To Do To Prevent It

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IT is every girl’s dream to have a very healthy hair that does not fall off every time you rake your hand through it or a comb passes through. You are always angry when every time after you comb your hair, there are some of hair stuck in the brush, some on your clothes and some on the floor. Youve tried almost everything you read about online or your friend, stylist, colleague recommended for you and it seems your hair is getting worse by the day. In order to tackle the problem of hair breakage, you have to know why you have split ends; although it is pretty normal for you to lose 50-100 strands per day.


-You Comb Your Hair Wet: most of the time we wash our, even at salons, we comb our hair while it is still wet and that puts pressure on our hair, causing it to break easily.

-You Pull Your Hair Too Tightly: when you want to pack your hair together, it is almost normal to pull it tightly so you will have a neat look especially when packing it in a ponytail. When you pack it too tightly, it will cause damage to your hair and it will break easily. If you are fond of styling your hair one way all the time, you are also in danger of hair breakage too. Constantly pulling and playing with your hair can also make your prone to breaking very easily.

-Too Much Heat Is Bad For Your Hair: when you blow dry your hair every morning or use curling iron on your all the time, your hair will break. Applying too much heat to your hair all the time makes your hair very weak.

-Chemicals weaken your hair: if you are fond of relaxing your hair almost every week and constantly bleaching or dyeing it, you will find yourself loosing more hair than you are growing.

-You don’t trim your hair regularly or have never had it trimmed: ignorantly, most girls have refused to have the tips of their hair cut off just for the extra inch. Avoiding to cut your hair ends is not a wise choice as you will eventually lose them, either you like or not.

-You Are Not Eating Healthy: protein and moisture is very good for your hair growth. When you undertake or overtake both of them, you will have serious issues with your hair.

-You sleep carelessly: most girls sleep with hairnet when they have a brawl weave on or they use the very common type of nets that have holes in them. The friction between your pillow and your hair weakens your hair and cause it to break and the regular hairnets do little to help prevent that friction.


  1. When your hair is wet from washing or the rain, use your finger to detangle your hair rather than using combs. Never style your hair wet. Wait till it is dry.
  2. Avoid pulling your hair tightly. If your hair is not long enough to be packed in the ponytail style, go for other styles that won’t out tension on your hair. You can use hair spray and oils to make your hair neat.
  3. Avoid the curling iron and blow dryer as often as you can. Whenever you want to use them, always apply heat protectant. Turning down the temperature of these thingsis also helpful.
  4. There are relaxers and hair dyes that are more hair friendly than others. Before you use a product on your hair, always research about it. Put a long gap between the times you get your hair relaxed and always use a good conditioner and lots of water when washing the relaxer off. 3 months is a good time to leave your hair without any relaxer.
  5. Always make it a point to visit the salon to do nothing but have your hair trimmed. It is healthy for your hair and it’s growth.
  6. Eat healthy at all times. Don’t take too much protein and water just because you want your hair to be long, that will also be bad for the growth of your hair because it makes it too flexible. Find a balance between the right amount of water and protein.
  7. Instead of the regular hairnets, go for the satin-silky ones. They help to prevent the friction between your hair and the pillow.


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