#GTBLFDW2014, Day 1: Soboye

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Enjoy all the fabulous and not so fabulous catwalk pictures from day 1 of the GTBank Lagos Fashion Design Week.

This collection was absolutely print-abulous.

It consisted of blazers, shorts, pants, sweatshirts, and dresses. The use of African fabrics employed by the designer definitely gave it an edge over other collections from that day. The styling was also very excellent as all pieces were well paired and no model strutted the runway looking like a masquerade.

Special consideration was given to the footwear, as the female models wearing outfits above their knees paired their strapped sandals with socks while the male models wearing trousers and shirts walked the runway barefoot and the models in sweatshirts strutted in casual slippers.

This was a delight to watch, also one of the favorites from day 1.




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