GTBank Lagos Fashion & Design Week, Day 1: Your Exclusive Pass Into All The Fun That Happens Backstage

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GTBank Lagos Fashion & Design Week started on the 29th of October, 2014. Designers who showcased are Teola 1926, Otumemine, Pablo Sisiano, Weiz Dhurm Franklyn, April by Kunbi, Phunk Afrique, Orente Ayaba, Amede, Samson Soboye & the 2014 GTBank Lagos Fashion & Design Week Fashion Focus Finalists.

360nobs Style is giving you the exclusive into all that happens backstage in photos.


LFDW Day 1 Backstage_01__360nobs LFDW Day 1 Backstage_02__360nobs LFDW Day 1 Backstage_03__360nobs LFDW Day 1 Backstage_04__360nobs LFDW Day 1 Backstage_05__360nobs LFDW Day 1 Backstage_06__360nobs LFDW Day 1 Backstage_07__360nobs LFDW Day 1 Backstage_08__360nobs LFDW Day 1 Backstage_09__360nobs LFDW Day 1 Backstage_10__360nobs LFDW Day 1 Backstage_11__360nobs LFDW Day 1 Backstage_12__360nobs LFDW Day 1 Backstage_13__360nobs LFDW Day 1 Backstage_14__360nobs LFDW Day 1 Backstage_15__360nobs

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