Fear Kills Or Nah?? Girl, 16, Dies After Heart Stops In Haunted House

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Christian Faith Benge, 16, an ohio teen who was born with a heart condition known as congenital diaphragmatic hernia, which prevents the lungs from developing normally died on Friday after collapsing in a haunted house she visited while attending Halloween attractions at land of illusion haunted scream park in Madison township,with a group of about 100 friends and family members.

According to Doyle Burke, warren county chief investigator, he told WCPO that there was no way to medically pinpoint if her death occurred as a result of heightened sense of fear, or it was something that could have happened randomly although warren county coroner, Russel Uptegrove told Cincinnati.com that it was very possible Faith was scared to death because of her heart problems and fear in those kind of places could have pushed her over the edge.

Doctors say she had only one functioning lung which put additional strain on her heart and that her heart was enlarged four times it’s normal size. Christian who was a chorister at Eaton road full gospel church was described by her mother, Jean Benge, as a young woman with strong fait in Christ.

Kathy Esan

Kathy Esan

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  1. It’s so frustrating that the media is not getting the facts straight! Christian Faith Benge did NOT die of fear in a haunted house. She died of complications of her CDH, the most serious of those complications (which no one even knew she was experiencing!) was an enlarged heart caused having to work too hard to support her single lung. Although it has not been officially stated that pulmonary hypertension was the catalyst, we’ve seen too many times where pulmonary hypertension was indeed the straw that broke the camel’s back and it is highly likely to have been the case here…

    Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers as they walk through these incredibly painful & difficult days ahead! ヾღ彡 Fly High Christian ヾღ彡

    “Help Save the Cherubs!”
    Learn more about Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) at http://www.cdhsupport.org

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