Ebola: Infected Spanish nurse Officially Declared Free

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A Spanish nurse, Teresa Romero, 44, who contracted Ebola while caring for two infected priests at a hospital in Madrid, and became the first person to contract the disease outside of West Africa earlier this month when she tested positive on October 6 was officially cleared of the deadly virus disease on Tuesday after a second and conclusive test for the virus came out negative.

According to the head  of the Carlos III hospital’s infectious diseases unit in Madrid, Doctor Jose Ramon Arribas, said at a  news conference that “The criteria set by the World Health Organization for curing the Ebola virus have been fulfilled… She is now cured,”  Teresa appeared to have overcome the disease after an initial negative test on Sunday, but had to wait 72 hours for a second test before being given the all-clear.

Health authorities said she received plasma from a recovered Ebola patient, but have refused to disclose further treatment details.  She was treated in an isolation unit at Carlos III hospital, and according to doctors began to show signs of recovery last week.

Although she is the only known sufferer of Ebola in Spain, there are  fifteen more people in hospital, including Romero’s husband, under observation for signs of the disease. Romero’s spokeswoman said she is expected to remain at the hospital for another two weeks.

Kathy Esan

Kathy Esan

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