Dating Advice From The Past

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I’m a sucker for old romance. I think the best of relationships were in the times of our forefathers; times where civility was the order of the day. To catch the attention of a man those days, you had to be a proper lady (Which most of girls aren’t toady). Taking tips from historical book, movies and magazines, I picked some useful tips ladies can imbibe while going on dates with their partners or someone they just met.

  1. Be ready when he arrives, greet him with a smile: Women like to take a lot of time when getting ready for a date, an event or even stepping out of the house to buy something from a local retailer. No woman likes to be caught looking scruffy, so we love to look good wherever we go. We spend time in the bathroom, in front of the mirror applying the right make-up, choosing the right outfit and so on. So, if you have a date with your man, start getting dressed on time. If you know your date is by 7, you can start getting ready two or even three hours ahead of time. When he gets to your place and he sees you all dressed up, he will know you have respect for time. Men love ladies that don’t keep them waiting; they are less patient. Greet him with your brightest smile; it makes him feel welcomed and it means you are excited to spend the evening with him.
  2. Sharpen your eating etiquette: Do not order meals you are not familiar with. Eat what you know and don’t eat your food like you’ve been waiting on that opportunity to eat. Take your food one at a time, do not gobble your food (before you choke). Don’t eat in and still buy the whole restaurant home. You will look like a cheap, hungry girl. Be a lady!
  3. Don’t talk to other men: For crying out loud, don’t ignore your date. Don’t leave him and talk to other men. Men don’t show it often but they get jealous too. Make him feel like he didn’t waste his time, energy and money by taking you out. Focus all your attention on him. Don’t attract unnecessary attention to yourself. Always “exhume” class.
  4. Don’t make-up where he can see you: I know some nights can be really hot and your make up will need to re-touched and all of that but never do it in front of him. There are rest rooms you can use for that. He will only see as you vain. Men are looking for more than just beauties these days, don’t come off as too conscious of your looks. Never talk about how much you spend on your clothes, accessories, hair and all those female stuffs. Definitely not cool.
  5. Don’t get too emotional: Ladies are emotional and sometimes we get too emotional. Try not to shed tears in front of your date especially if it is the first night out. If you guys are getting on the border of emotional stuffs, try and change the topic to something cheery. Crying in front of him will just make things very awkward.
  6. Little or no open show of affection: Not all men like to be touched in public. It’s not like they don’t love you, they don’t just like it. Even if he does, keep it on a low. Don’t go touching him all over his body like you have a problem keeping your hands with you. Some stuffs are meant to be done in private, keep them private. The public really don’t really want to know how you guys get cozy.
  7. Don’t drink too much: This is a very common “don’t” while on a date. Do not drink more than you can hold. Even if you can hold alcohol well, drink little. You don’t want to embarrass yourself by doing nasty stuffs like taking a piss in the middle of the restaurant or going naked. Yeah, you can’t remember most of what you’ll do while drunk, I know. Wait till you see your video on the internet.
  8. Be a listener: It is easy for a woman to go on and on about the stuffs going on in her life; we are natural chatters. Take a break from the norm. Ask him intelligent questions that will get him to talk to you. Even if he is boring, put up a face that depicts you are enjoy everything he is saying. Getting him to talk to you shows you care and you really want to know who he is.


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