Curse Of Life: Iggy Azalea Tells Paparazzo – “I Hope You Get Ebola & Die”

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You wouldn’t want to get on Iggy Iggy’s bad side, lest she curse you with Ebola.

That was the case over the weekend, when a paparazzo got into a scuffle with the Australian rapper and her friend.

A footage that captured the incident begins with the photographer and Azalea’s friend screaming at one another before the rapper’s associate can be seen spitting on the paparazzo.

The photographer immediately claims he’s been assaulted and says, “Do you have AIDS? I have AIDS now. Maybe I got Ebola.”

The Australian artist herself is then seen entering the frame and responds, “Okay, I hope you have Ebola. I hope you die. You’re a fucking cunt.” Azalea proceeds to try and ram the photog with her grocery cart, before yelling, “You’re invading my life. You’re in the store while I’m trying to buy eggs. No, that’s not the way it works sweetheart. That’s what they want? You’re pitiful.”

Did Iggy go too far?



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