Chibok Girls Will Be Released On Monday- Boko Haram

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The general secretary of  terrorist group, Boko haram who spoke in the Hausa service of the Voice of America VoA on Friday and monitored in Yola affirmed that the Chibok Girls would surely be released on Monday to the Chadian President, Idriss Derby for onward presentation to the Nigerian government.

He also added that an enlarged meeting of the group has been fixed for the weekend to prepare ground for the Monday meeting with the Federal government, affirming that the final ceasefire and the release of the Chibok girls are promises that will surely be fulfilled by the group.

Mallam Danladi Ahmadu, the self acclaimed Secretary General of Islamist sect Boko Haram has disclosed that the final meeting between the group and the federal government to finally seal the ceasefire agreement would take place on Monday in Ndjamana, chad and would be supervised by the Chadian leader, Idris Derby. He also said that the group’s cease fire agreement with the Federal Government is very much on course.

It was further  disclosed to VoA by Ahmadu that the group and the Federal government were in close consultations over arrangements for the Monday meeting in Chad. The Secretary General while commenting on the latest kidnap of over 40 women and girls in the border villages between Adamawa and Borno states  maintained that as far as the Boko Haram was concerned it wasn’t  aware of the latest kidnap and attacks.

He added that in as much as the group is investigating the latest kidnap and attacks to determine the involvement of its members, admitting that many anti-social groups have infiltrated the Boko Haram. Danladi Ahmadu stated that political thugs, armed robbers, kidnappers, hired assassins and other anti social groups now parades themselves as members of the sect, but was quick to add that things been equal if the cease fire agreement is sealed all the groups would fizzle out.



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