#Breakingnews: Cristiano Ronaldo Hits 100 Million Facebook Page Likes

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He might be fighting it out with Lionel Messi for the title of the world’s top soccer player, but Cristiano Ronaldo is in a league of his very own when it comes to social media followers.

Tuesday saw the Portuguese superstar top 100 million “fans” on Facebook  way ahead of the nearest sporting opposition.


He is adding fans at the rate of nearly one every second, 54 per minute on average.

The next best tally is not an individual but a club, FC Barcelona, which has over 76 million ‘likes’ — just edging ahead of Ronaldo’s own team, European champion Real Madrid.

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The 29-year-old Ronaldo is also on top of the sporting world on Twitter with over 30 million followers.

That is 10 million more than second placed Kaka, a star Brazilian footballer and former Real teammate of Ronaldo.
NBA standout LeBron James has the third most popular sports profile on Twitter at 15.3 million followers and also trails on the Facebook front with his account ‘liked’ by a shade under 22 million people.

When Ronaldo tweeted he had won FIFA’s Ballon D’Or for the second time on January 13, it received over 118,000 retweets and according to sports market researchers Repucom its total reach in teams of retweets, mentions and replies topped 1.04 million.

This compares to James’ most popular day on Twitter — the announcement of his move to Clevelland Cavaliers, where the total figure was 672,000.

Both sets of figures are undoubtedly impressive and James is thought to have a huge following in China, where Facebook and Twitter are banned.

“He’s a good looking guy and very savvy in terms of partnerships and the brands he endorses,” Repucom’s head of UK Digital Max Barnett told CNN, explaining why Ronaldo was way out in front.

Source: CNN



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