Boko Haram: Shocking E-mail Allegedly Sent By Shekau To ICC [Must Read]

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According to Gistmania, Boko Haram kingpin, Abubakar Shekau who was claimed dead allegedly sent this email to International Criminal Court (ICC) in Holland.

We don’t know how genuine it is, here is the Email below:
First Information Report: Persons In Nigeria That Have Committed Gross Human Rights Violations, Genocide And Crimes Against Humanity: Preliminary Appl
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2014 13:05:01 +0100 (WAT)
From: Imam Abubakar SHEKAU <>
The Head, Information & Evidence Unit,
Office Of The Chief Prosecutor, International Criminal Court (ICC), CM
2500 The Hague,
The Netherlands (Holland).

Your Lordships:

In The Name Of Allah, The Almighty, The Gracious, The Merciful, The
Creator Of All The Worlds And The Universe, To Whom All Praise Belong , The Judge Of The Last Day, To Whom All Shall Submit, I do make this very truthful, most honest and utmostly accurate presentation,
application and transmission of issues to the above subject – matter
appertaining and to the events and occurrences there with connected or
incidental thereto.The Official Motto of Boko Haram Is: People Committed To The Propagation Of The Teaching Of The Holy Prophet Of Islam (On Whom Peace Of Allah Be).

I, Imam Abubakar SHEKAU, by the powers and rights vested upon me by GOD,The Almighty Allah, as the Head of Mission and the Undisputed Leader Of ‘’Jama’atu Ahlus–Sunnah Lidda’Awati Wal Jinad(Boko Haram)’’do solemnly make this truthful, most honest and utmostly accurate presentation, application and the transmission on the above subject – matter believing all of its contents to be the truth, the
whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help us Almighty Allah

Paragraph 1: Actually, Boko Haram(with its affiliates of AlQaea in The
Maghreb(AQIM) and Al Shaabab (Somalia & Kenya) and Hizbollah (The Party Of GOD) Would not have been capable, or have the ability to
carry out some of those most daring and blood- chilling attacks at
various parts of Borno, Adamawa,Yobe, Kano, Kaduna States and Abuja, The FCT, Nigeria if we do not enjoy the protection and authorization of ‘’The Power That Be, That is The Head Of The Government Of The Federal Republic Of Nigeria and His
Cohorts’’ to do these things

Paragraph 2: Actually the first Offer Made to support us Boko Haram by
President Goodluck Jonathan after the murder of our Founding Leader(
Mohammed Yusuf) was conveyed to us by Former Vice President
(AtikuAbubakar), Chief Anthony A. Anenih and Vice President
NamadiSambo. Boko Haram thereafter having accepted the offer, we
received large Supplies of weapons, ammunitions, provision and
fundings indirectly from President Goodluck Jonathan and the Peoples
Democratic Party Of Nigeria (PDP) through foreign and domestic

Paragraph 3: Truthfully, some of the bomb – blasts that destroyed
churches and mosques and killed mained innocent persons were directly
carried out by our (Boko Haram), whereas most of the other bomb –
blasts, indiscriminate by killing of many innocent persons were and
are still being carried out by the‘’Alternative Boko Haram’’ which is
directly controlled by President Goodluck Jonathan and his cohort.

Paragraph 4: Accurately, the abduction of the 276 girls from their
dormitories in the Government Girls Secondary School,Chibok Town,
Borno State was directly carried out by the Alternative Boko Haram
that’s firmly controlled by President Goodluck Jonathan on April 12,
2014 and these girls are still being held by the Agents of President
Goodluck Jonathan, until they are to be released to him to score a
cheap political point in December,2014.

Paragraph 5: The recently attempted assassination of General
MuhammaduBuhari (former Head of State and the prominent Islamic Cleric Sheikh DahiruUsmanBauchi in Kaduna was carried out by‘’the
Alternative Boko Haram of President Goodluck Jonathan, this he did
because he has been truthfully briefed by honest patriots that General
MuhammaduBuhari is the only Presidential candidate that can beat him
decisively in the oncoming February 14,2015 Presidential Election.

Paragraph 6: Accordingly, since the assassination attempt failed,
President Goodluck Jonathan secured the service and cooperation of
AlhajiAtikuAbubakar and two other former PDP Governors (now in the All Progressives Congress) to ensure that General MuhammaduBuhari’s effort to secure the APC’s Presidential Ticket is fraustriated and brought to nought.

Paragraph 7: Very factually too, the collapse of The Guest House
Building Complex, The Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) Ikotun –
Egbe, Lagos State, Nigeria on Friday, 12 September, 2014 was not due
to structural failure or defect. A day before the incident, the Agents
Of President Goodluck Jonathan’s Alternative Boko Haram had fused and pasted the latest type of ‘’ Plastic Bombs’’ on Strategic parts of the
building ( from the ground floor to the last. The Signal for detonation was only given when a strange unmarked aircraft piloted by one of his Air Force Officers had circled the building three times.

Paragraph 8: Thus the reasons for President Goodluck Jonathan having
to target and destroy the SCOAN Guest House was traced to his having
been misinformed by his Agents that ‘’ The Man In The Synagogue –
Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua ‘’ was providing sanctuary to several South
Africans who opposed President Goodluck Jonathan’s inordinate ambition to self succession in February 14, 2015 and also, that many prominent APC members rely on the Synagogue for special prayers ,
anointed oil and holy water that will help them defeat President
Goodluck Jonathan and the PDP in 2015.we have been reliably informed
that the Aternative Boko Haram of President Goodluk Jonathan shall later make repeat visits flying over SCOAN Grounds

Paragraph 9: In conclusion for now, we have confirmed and had
independently verifiedsome aspects of this presentation that we are
not directly involved. However, we are assured of the accuracy of this
presentation and we shall be very factually expose the sponsors and
funders of the Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria (TAN) and others floated at a cost of N 1 billion a week since 2013 for their
operations within and outside Nigeria. Our Geneva, Switzerland based
legal advisers are already in possession of hundreds of documents
pertinent to these matters. They have been duly authorized by us to
bring up proper criminal charges against all persons connected with
these matters at the International Criminal Court (ICC), The Hague,
The Netherlands before middle of December, 2014.
In The Name Of Allah, the Almighty (GOD), I remain .

Yours respectfully,

Imam Abubakar SHEKAU,
Head of Mission & Leader,
‘’Jama’atu Ahlus–Sunnah Lidda’Awati
wal Jihad(Boko Haram)’’
Kanem – Bornu Caliphate/ Nigeria.

NOTA BENE: The Second Part Of This Presentation Shall Vividly Detail
‘’ How and Why President Goodluck Jonathan and His PDP Cohort
Assassinated Retired General Andrew OwoyeAzazi ( His National Security
Adviser) on the 5th December, 2012. All other matters related to this
presentation shall come very shortly hereafter.



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  1. I don’t believe this crap… You guys are against Western education yet someone in your ‘camp’ crafted this letter in the western language? I agree, you guys are funded from high powers in this country but I disagree that Goodluck has a direct hand in it. He may be aware of those funding it, but he is not funding it. In fact all of you are just using us, using our money(tax) to kill and celebrate over our heads! God Save Nigeria!

  2. Haba! Publisher, this is evil!
    It is a lie and you should not publish this type of rubbish except of course your are not as intelligent as we thought you were.

    Rubbish propaganda !!!!

    1. sure its a 5 years old boy that wrote this letter..its meant for illiterate not too educated to believe this crap..SENSELESS! Get a better job poster!

  3. Hahaha opposition party go kill us ooo all this krap has been designed for a time like this we are winning the war and some people are being smart should in case any captured bokoharam begin to confess! idiots the insecurity of this nation will never be in favour of the ruling party and why is that it is the opposition that is taking the advantages of the insecurity until now!?

  4. God bless u for ur contributions they think they can turn us against our president, they have failed again. Apc should look for a better method of campaigning against mr president. We’re educated pple in ngr so pple who oppose western education can’t brain wash us it’s too late. Pls take d advice & delete frm circulation.

  5. In as much as i am not a supporter of GEJ or PDP! This write up is ill thought & even though it is written by a lawyer, im afraid it does not hold water, even though some of those facts could be true, there are some facts there that are untrue. Especially the fact that GEJ was not in power when their leader was killed.

    Who ever is the author of this petition, is just trying to get back at the stupid antics of the Pdp. In doing so, you are only being as dumb as the people you want to get back at. If you have to do propaganda, do it with true facts & figure which are true, there’s mountains out there.

    Concentrate on positive aspects, smear tactics are only for those that have nothing positive to offer. Dont be one of them cos it only does the opposite of your intention. To me you sound like a literate lawyer trying to sound intelligent. But you have failed woefully.

    How i wish this was well thought out though.

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