BBA Hotshots: What Went Down At The Eviction Party As Resa and Mira Bow Out

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According to this week’s votes; Resa and Mira received the lowest votes and they bow out of the Big Brother house.

All week the continent has been voting for their favourite housemates and as there are thirteen countries and one ROA vote. Viewers get to vote through social media and SMS. Each vote cast using these methods all carry equal weight, that being one viewer popularity vote. Viewer popularity votes will be tallied for each housemate eligible for eviction within each voting region. The housemate with the most votes per region will receive that regions popularity vote. Those with the least regional votes are evicted. If there is a tie, a second round of votes will be tallied.

The voting pattern was responsible for the eviction of Resa and Mira and only One housemate – Macky2 received two country votes. Eleven of the housemates received 1 country vote each namely; Arthur, Butterphly, Esther, Goitse, Idris, M’am Bea, Nhlanhla, Permithias, Sabina, Sipe, Tayo and Trezagah. Twelve of the housemates received 0 country votes, which brought into effect the tie breaker rule.

According to the Big Brother Africa rules; if the Popularity vote does not yield clear evictees and there is a deadlock between 2 or more housemates, the percentage vote from each of the 15 regions will be added together and divided by 14 in order to generate an across-the-board percentage, which will then ascertain who stays and who goes.The two housemates that thus fell victim and were evicted as per the tie-breaker rules are therefore; Resa and Mira.

The Zambian, Resa was the first to get evicted and she seemed to take the news well. However, her friend Sipe did not seem too happy with her eviction as she broke down in tears.

As Resa hurriedly left the Big Brother house, Esther could be heard shouting out “I love you Resa”. On getting out, she told IK that she was at peace with the turnout of events adding that she would miss Sipe the most of all the housemates.

The pretty and slender Mozambican, Mira was the second evictee. Mira appeared Shy at the beginning of the show but however told Biggie in the diary sessions that she wasn’t that shy but nervous at being in the show and hopes Africa gets to realise this. The happenings on Friday night however truly confirmed that Mira wasn’t as shy as we thought she was as she kissed Luis and Nhlanhla. That singular act wasn’t expected from her but everyone blamed it on alcohol.

It was however sad to see her leave the Big Brother house. As soon as her name was announced, she jumped into Luis’ arms for a last hug in the Big Brother house. Luis could be seen crying as Idris and Sipe tried to comfort him. She embraced and kissed Luis for one last time as she rushed out of the house.On getting out of the house, She told IK that she was happy to be out of the house as she had been missing home. She also said that she enjoyed getting to know her fellow compatriot, Trezagah from Mozambique.



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  1. big brother,we are watching u very closely and it is obvious u hv started cheating.y did u leave permithias out when he had 6 nominations and put lillian and laveda up for eviction when they both had only 3 nominations each?kindly urgently correct ur mistake unless u want africa to think this was ur plan and not actually a mistake. remove lillian and laveda from ur eviction list and put permithias and let us once again have faith in u and ur game otherwise it will only be a shamble. SHAME! I AM SO DISAPPOINTED IN YOU.if u continue like this we will opt out of the show since it is not a fair one. WE ARE WATCHING YOU. Correct this immediately pls.

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