BBA Hotshots: Team B Gets Immunity From Eviction

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Tayo - Nigeria

Team B otherwise known as the gold team were declared the winners of this week’s extravaganza task. The week’s task required the time housemates to draw inspiration from Bollywood’s repertoire of dance, melody and drama. Both the gold and the silver teams brought so much energy and originality to the extravaganza which was fit for a Bollywood spectacle. It however turned out in favour of the gold team who brought a little extra flavour to their performance.

The housemates in Team B yelled with ecstatic happiness as they knew they would be immune from eviction As some of them were happy at their first win while others were relishing a second consecutive victory. Team B’s Bollywood Extravaganza drama was a fantasy themed love story with a question around traditional practices. The characters of Frankie and Sheillah were the parents of a son who wanted to marry outside of the traditional practice of arranged marriage. Sabina’s character was the object of his affections while Trezagah shone bright as the hit man and the twist in the plot.

Every one of the housemates employed new skills that they learnt during the course of the week from the various vocal, musical, acting and dance coaches that were in the house to prepare the housemates for the Extravaganza. With each team giving it their all, the gold team (B) exhibited exceptional team work and believe as Sheillah was able to carry Frankie along when he missed his lines.

The win by the gold team conferred on its members immunity and safety from the coming week’s nominations for eviction. The members of Team B are: Arthur, Butterphly, Frankie, Macky2, Mr. 265, Goitse, Luis, Sipe, Sabina, Sheillah, Tayo, Trezagah

This however rendered the members of the silver team (A) open to the coming week’s nominations for eviction. The Team A housemates are: Samantha, Kacey Moore, JJ, Esther, Laveda, Nhlanhla, Lilian, Ellah, Idris ,Alusa, Permithias and M’am Bea.

However, since Lilian, Esther and Sabina were evicted, that leaves only ten members of Team A left for possible eviction. The extravaganza tasks seems to be shaping up as the main highlights of the Big Brother show and it is left to be seen the kind of talent that would be displayed at the next extravaganza task.



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