BBA Hotshots: Tayo, JJ and Frankie Lead Nominations For Eviction

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BBA Hotshots

Not long after the first eviction show, each of the remaining housemates went into the diary room to make two nominations each for the next eviction. All housemates were compelled to nominate and if a housemate refuses, such housemate will automatically be put up for eviction. However, while nominating for eviction, valid reasons must be given for such nominations. One way or the other, the housemates came up with nominations.

Frankie, Tayo and JJ are leading in the nominations. Whilst many find Tayo’s loudness and abrasiveness distasteful, other housemates reckon Frankie lacks presence and that JJ is full of himself with a ‘know-it-all’attitude.

First to go in the diary room was Alusa who nominated Esther and Tayo. He said that he did not connect with Esther and was put off with Tayo’s aggressive behaviour. It however seems as if he is intimidated by the housemates he nominated. Arthur who went in next nominated JJ and Sabina. He said that JJ was the reason his group lost the Extravaganza and that Sabina shouted a lot in her bid to shine.

Butterphly on her part nominated Frankie and Esther saying they had become cold to her resulting in her not getting along with the both of them as before. Ellah nominated Tayo and Laveda, saying Tayo acts aggressively and she believes the Big Brother house could do without his energy while she nominated Laveda because she appeared to be controlling even though she had not gotten to know her better.

After much trouble deciding who to nominate, Esther decided to pick JJ and Permithias. She said that JJ was not a good listener in the group task and that Permithias was provocative and always bringing up past issues. Frankie went on to nominate Tayo because he is proud and talks down on people. He added that he is immature and brings people down. He said he nominated JJ because he always puts the work of other people down.

Goitse said she nominated Esther and Lillian because they were both poor team players and even after their team lost the extravaganza, they aptly put the blame on other team members. Idris nominated Frankie because he didn’t blend in with the other housemates and Permithias because he wants to play the girls. JJ nominated Lillian because she brought negative energy into their group and Laveda because she abused her rights as Head of the House.

Kacey Moore nominated Frankie for the same reason as Idris and Sabina because she hasn’t accommodated other housemates well. Laveda nominated JJ because she felt he made them lose the extravaganza by failing at his task of being a director for their show and Frankie for not being open enough about himself. Lillian nominated JJ because she felt he had a ‘big head’ and felt Alusa was proud and lacked humility in a group set-up.

Luis settled on Alusa and JJ saying the former reminded him of Mira and the latter came across as a ‘know-it-all’. Mr. 265 nominated Permithias because he believes he lacks self-control and Arthur because he hated criticism and was stuck in his own world. Macky2 nominated Laveda for being unfair by selecting the strong housemates into her team and Frankie for not being real and keeping to himself.

M’am Bea said she nominated Esther and Sabina because they needed to learn other ways of showing respect to people. Nhlanhla said Tayo was too loud and said he had no specific reason for nominating Sabina. Permithias said Tayo disrespected women and said Frankie was lost in everything and risked becoming irrelevant in the house. Sabina said she nominated Lillian because she felt they had similar strategies and Tayo because of his loud mouth.

Samantha said she nominated Frankie and Arthur because she wanted to evict both representatives from a country to avoid friction with one’s fellow countryman. Sheilla nominated Frankie because of his strange character and Permithias for being annoying. Sipe said Tayo was rude and immature and nominated Permithias for not being responsible with house chores. Tayo said he nominated JJ because he had no character and wanted to be like him and said Permithias was a coward who was not fit to be in the house.

Trezagah nominated Samantha for saying bad things about Mozambican men and said the unpleasant dream he had about her confirmed his choice to nominate her and also nominated Esther because she shouts a lot and is the only one who smokes in the house.



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  1. I am not a racist but bearing in mind that we are doing our own thing as Africa regardless of being biased country-wise…the Tanzanian Idris is a typical BBA housemate…hats-off (from Zimbabwe)

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