BBA Hotshots: Tayo Fray’s Nerves As Esther Cries

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Nerves were at fever pitch as the housemates sat around waiting for the task that would determine the next head of house. Ellah, Sabina and Butterphly were seen taking out time to pray together, while Lilian appeared to have no care in the world as she started twerking yet again. After delaying the inevitable, Biggie finally put them out of their misery when he called Laveda into the diary room to provide her with the task that would determine the next head of house.

After the housemates participated in a qualifying round, the task continued with the five winners. Samantha won the task at the end of it all becoming the ultimate hotshot for the week and taking over the title of head of house from Laveda and also getting the ultimate prize of immunity from eviction.

Tayo wasn’t too happy about the outcome of the task as he had been on the verge of winning himself. He was was very upset about losing and when they got back inside, he allowed his nerves get the better of him as he started ranting and raving, scaring and annoying his fellow housemates.

Before the task that determined the Head of House, Esther broke down in tears as she listened to her fellow housemates talk about romance and relationships which brought back painful memories of time past for her. Tears flowed down her face easily as she talked passionately about the way women were treated in general and most especially within relationships. She opened up to some of her fellow housemates which included Samantha, Lilian, Macky2, Tayo and M’am Bea about her background with men and how it had affected her.

Samantha exuded her leadership qualities as she comforted esther housemate whom they affectionately call “Small Pepper”. Esther’s tears also seemed to bring out the soft sides of the housemates’ who tried all they could to make her feel better. Even Tayo who was ranting earlier, calmed down in an attempt to bring back Esther’s sunny smile and characteristic zeal.

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