BBA Hotshots: Resa and Sipe worry about eviction

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All the housemates in the big brother house got to learn at the launch show they were all up for possible eviction with the exception of the saxophonist – Laveda who had the highest in house audience vote and became the first Head of House of the BBA Hotshots show. The news had come as a shock to the Housemates as they had just come into the house and getting to learn that they could be leaving as early as the coming weekend.

However, a lot of the housemates seem to have gotten carried away with the splendour and happenings in the Big Brother house trying to savour the experience and joy of being a Big Brother Housemate and perhaps forgetting the impending eviction of one or two of them on Sunday. Maybe some of the housemates forgot or were simply enjoying their time, Resa however seemed concerned and she seemed to pass her uneasiness to Sipe – her close buddy in the house.

Both Resa and Sipe were not really in the mood to participate in the morning activities as they weren’t communicating with other housemates their normal way. They were however sharing their concerns and fears of possible eviction happening over the weekend. Resa had previously suggested in her comments that Biggie wouldn’t kick anyone out of the house one week into the competition as none of them had had time to fully familiarise themselves with the house and competition.

Her suggestions are however untrue as Biggie reserves the right to send any of the housemates out of the Big Brother house. Resa’s fears however seemed to have gotten to Sipe as she looked dull and acted gloomy all through the morning.

The ideal thing however for both Resa and Sipe would be to forget about their worries and focus on the activities in the house. Showcasing their talents should be the paramount thing as this is what the audience are looking forward to and even more is the main reason for representing their countries in the Big Brother Hotshots house.

On the issue of the upcoming evictions, who do you think would get evicted from the Big Brother house this early on?



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