BBA Hotshots : Phyno And Olamide Light Up The Stage As Team Waka Waka Gets Immunity From Eviction

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As the first set of evictions occurred, the electric performances by hip hop act and rapper extraordinaires lighted up the show and brought massive entertainment to viewers and the in house audience. Nigeria was fittingly represented by rappers Olamide and Phyno who have won several awards and have a significant following in west Africa.

While Olamide and Phyno are independent artists in their own right, they often won the hearts of fans and audiences for their performances together as they mostly sing in their Nigerian mother tongue languages of Yoruba and Igbo respectively.

Olamide’s latest musical offering was “Street OT” which is doing well. This year he has received recognition from the MTV Africa Music Awards as well as the Nigerian Entertainment Awards for Best Hip Hop and Best Rap Act. Phyno on his part came out with his first studio album “No Guts No Glory”. His single Ghost Mode in which he collaborated with Olamide is a crowd favourite and it got the in house audience dancing.

After the performances of the night’s rap acts, IK announced to the delight of team B housemate members otherwise known as Waka Waka Mou! Or sometimes referred to as the ‘intellects’ as the winners of the Extravaganza challenge. The excitement of the Team B members was uncontainable as the news of their victory filtered in.

The win only means good things for members of Team Waka Waka – they have won immunity from Nominations. The housemates of Team B include Sheilla, Nhlanhla, Luis, Macky2, Trezagah, Mr. 265, Sipe, Idris, Ellah, Butterphly and M’am Bea. The evicted Mira and Resa also belonged to this victorious group and it’s a pity that they had to leave so early in the show.

A total of 4330 votes was casted to support both teams for the Extravaganza. Team A (Laveda’s team) received a total of 1824 of the votes and Team B (Waka Waka Mou) garnered a total of 2506 of the votes. Team Waka Waka achieved a clean win and it will be interesting to see how their winning changes the leadership and relationships in the house. Lillian appeared to be very upset about having lost the Extravaganza and she expressed her frustration by lashing out at Permithias and Sheilla.

It is left to be seen whom each of the housemates in Team A would nominate for eviction when they get summoned by Biggie since they must make two nominations each for next week’s coming eviction.



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