BBA Hotshots: Of Tayo’s Tantrums And Joy Of Fatherhood

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Tayo - Nigeria

Big Brother was the bearer of good tides as he broke the superb news to Tayo that he had become the lucky father of a baby boy. Tayo was called into the Diary room in what seemed like one of Biggies twists and turns. While it seemed like he had been expecting the news, having previously told the housemates that he and his partner on the outside were expecting a baby, the reality of it moved him to tears. Biggie offered Tayo a treat of a box of cigars and cognac to celebrate with the housemates. Lilian, his fellow country mate with whom he has formed a close bond was the first person he told the joyful news and she then spread it to the others. They all embraced him and toasted him on the news of his New born child.

On the other hand, Tayo’s loud and abrasive behaviour in the Big Brother house is one that has become unpalatable for his Co housemates as his somewhat regular tantrums is seemingly rubbing off negatively on the house.

Earlier in the day, he was in the kitchen and started talking out of nowhere about him being destined to walk away with the Grand prize as winner of the contest. He went on to talk about how everyone was there by default and the fact that he stands tall amongst the housemates. It is left to be seen if Tayo’s Could Tayo arrogant and narcissistic behaviour will earn him top position even though it seems that his power motives and high self-esteem are coming off to display and portray the him as an egocentric character.

Tayo’s later on in the day had another outburst in the bedroom in the presence of Esther, Mr. 265,Idris, Ellah and Trezagah. As all these Housemates went about their business, Tayo randomly went on a rant about how nobody could challenge him on anything and win the battle against him. He went on to say he comes from a lineage of people who are hunters and that he would teach ‘them’ (his fellow housemates) how to hunt and kill lions. He went on further to say that people must tremble when he speaks, ordering enemies to come out and challenge him and assuring ‘them’ that he would spit fire in attack. His monologue continued on for a while as he repeatedly told ‘them’ that ‘they’ should go to a high school if they wanted to compete and challenge someone because ‘everyone’ one was out of his league. He went on to say that he wouldn’t try to be modest about reality as ‘they’ must know the person they are dealing with.

Throughout his tantrum, his reference to ‘them’ was not too far from the obvious – that he was indirectly referring to the housemates. The audience he had may have not picked up on this or maybe they decided not to respond to his uproar. Who knows, maybe their retaliation will be evident in the nominations as has been the case with Sunday’s nominations.



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