BBA Hotshots: Of Fake Accents and Character, Housemates Begin Shedding Masks

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Perhaps in a bid to win the attention of the audience or to seem funky and in vogue, a lot of the housemates seem to have made interesting changes to their accents and fashion style. From the subtle to the bizarre, it all adds to the fun and intrigue as it is evident that as time goes on, the unreal ones are bound to slip and much is meant to be seen if some can keep it up till the end of the show.

Nhlanhla has a marked southern African accent which has a regional tone to it. His sense of style has also improved dramatically from the Danshiki he wore at the launch show to his recently more favoured jeans and cool shades. It however seems like he is in a competition with Luis with regards to who has the sexiest Bod as he takes of his shirt as soon as Luis does.

Permithias’ on his part had a marked American accent. His accent did not escape the notice of some of the housemates who mentioned it to him several times. It however seemed that as the days went by, there was a certain amount of levelling with his home accent marked with an American twang that the other housemates noticed as well, much of which perhaps could be attributed to his subconscious or blending in to please his fellow housemates.

On the fashion side, Idris seems to switch from one style to the other. From wearing hipster skinny jeans to beanies, the various styles seem to fit him. On losing and gaining back voices, Lilian seems to be on the path of recovery as she has gone from plain squeaky to frog croaking. Perhaps she’s faking it, perhaps not, but faking ones voice problems for that long might actually create actual damage which cannot be afforded by Lilian in light of the coming extravaganza.

Luis’ alter ego – Tai-tai has been talked about a lot by the six-packed Namibian. Although Luis has been reserved so far in the house, he has talked about his alter ego to some of the housemates and to Biggie at his diary sessions which as added to fueling the mystery surrounding Tai-tai. As it stands, we may have to wait a while till there’s some serious partying in the house before Tai-tai is unleashed. Everyone is very intrigued about Tai-tai, Luis’ alter ego.

Hopefully, as the days pass, the housemates will let down their guards some more and reveal the true persons behind the facade… or have they been true to themselves all along?



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