BBA Hotshots: Of Diary And Gossip sessions; What Happens In The Diary Room, Stays In The Diary Room

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The diary room sessions on the 15th of October was majorly a gossip session as most of the housemates freely talked to Biggie. Esther appeared to have thoroughly enjoyed her diary session with Biggie as she let out some secrets of her own including her suspicions as regards the relationships of some of the housemates. The ever happy and bubbly Esther admitted to Biggie that she was happy and confident about winning the wager.

Biggie went on to ask esther for her thoughts and comment about the various relationships in the house. She was quick to let words out about the known couple, Nhlanhla and Sheilla,saying not much had happened between the couple to confirm or take the relationship to the next level but that there was clearly something going on. She also told Biggie about her suspicions on the possibilities of something developing between Laveda and Permithias and also saying that she felt there was something between Permithias and Sabina too. She went on to say that Permithias had said he liked light-skinned girls and she’s of the assumption that things would likely develop between Permithias and Sabina even though she didn’t mind who the singer got on with as she had a liking for both girls.

Biggie was however noticeably keen on finding out more about the changing dynamics of the relationships in the house as he went on to ask Esther if there was anyone in the house she was interested in. The Ugandan representative simply blushed and told Biggie that she couldn’t say much on that topic as there was somebody outside of the house that she was interested in and thought would hit things off with.

It is bewildering to think of who Esther may be eyeing in the house as she told Biggie that there was somebody that she was still looking at and assessing although she did not think she wanted to get into anything with anyone. The diary session ended on a high note as Esther offered Biggie a little dance in the baggy pants she wore which she loved. Biggy welcomed this and after the performance Esther left, leaving us bewildered as to who she was falling for in the house.

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