BBA Hotshots: JJ falls for Samantha as Mr 265 apologises

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JJ - Zimbabwe

Having stayed in the same house for almost three weeks now, it seems only natural for the housemates to start figuring out those they can trust and confide in and most importantly, the housemates they like and perhaps feel something for.


During the Diary sessions yesterday afternoon, JJ opened up to Biggie on who his love interest in the house was. The Zimbabwean actor initially seemed to be interested  in Samantha and he opened up to Biggie, telling him how he was getting closer to the South African Hotshot. He said he was getting to know her better while emphasising that she is an amazing person who has a big heart and cares about everyone.


He particularly spoke of her with pride saying “She’s a lovely person. She’s amazing She’s passionate and She’s very caring,”. JJ is particularly known in the Big Brother house for his work out skills, guitar and especially his cooking skills which generally draws him close to the ladies in the house. This perhaps doesn’t make it surprising that he finds Samantha that ‘special’.

Mr 265 - Malawi
Mr 265 – Malawi


Moreover, there appears to be something brewing between Butterphly and Mr. 265 over the past couple of days. The pair had found a common ground in each other since they were both wordsmiths. This perhaps was what sparked their friendship which has gone from platonic to something somewhat complicated. The status of their friendship however seemed decidedly as they both opened up to Biggie during their separate diary sessions. complicated with a big “C”. During their separate diary sessions the issue was fleshed out with Biggie.


Butterphly told Biggie that Mr. 265 was hitting on her but was making a mess out of it as his approach to the issue was laughable. While she expressed her distaste on the issue, she also seemed to realise that she wasn’t as stern as she ought to have been. She blamed this fact on her type of person. Things seemed to escalate in a strange manner when Butterphly started feeling that Mr. 265 was taking more and more cheap shots in her direction saying since she had rejected him he appeared to be patronising towards her.


Things however seemed different for Mr. 265. He felt Butterphly may have been jealous of his relationship with the other males in the house. He reckoned he wasn’t spending much time with her anymore and so she felt he was avoiding her. This appears not to be the case as it seems there is a misunderstanding between the pair.


The two really seem to have a connection and this perhaps prompted Mr. 265 to approach her later later to iron things out. He gave a heartfelt apology which apparently touched the heart of Butterphly as she glowed and accepted it.



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