BBA Hotshots: Idris Is Heartbroken

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Idris - Tanzania

Love seems to have been justly unfair to Idris. The 21 year old Tanzanian seems to be regretting making a move on Goitse who rejected his overtures. Goitse’s rejection might have been heartless but Idris still seems to be grappling with the fact that they are both stuck in the same house and yet he can seem to have her feel the way he feels.

The young Tanzanian  seems to be regretting his decision to go after Goiste while at the same time riveting in his ego with male chauvinistic pride. When asked by Mr. 265 if he was interested in any of the ladies in the house, he responded by telling him he only has eyes for Goiste, Samantha and Ellah. This perhaps serves as a pointer to the fact that he might get over the letdown by Goitse and go after either of Samantha or Ellah.

From the conversation Idris had with his fellow housemates, most of them were of the opinion that  feel he should forget about Goitse because she only cherishes the attention he gives her and  she doesn’t seem to be into him. Permithias was particularly vocal as on the issue as he asked Goitse if she liked Idris to which she tactfully avoided giving a direct and concrete answer to.  Nhlanhla on his part was of the opinion that Goitse is not really the good girl most of the housemates think she is. He added that when he first got into the Big Brother house, she was the first person that caught his fancy but that after he had several conversations  with her, he was able to conclude that  she was not the type of woman he would be willing to die for. He concluded by saying “Goitse can break you”, adding that she enjoys being in control. Both Butterfly and Permithias agreed to Nhlanhla’s assertion saying they’d noticed that part of her.

After a very lengthy conversation, it seems Idris has decided to move on and focus on emerging tops in the Big Brother game. It however seems that that his fellow housemates are scared bearing in mind the fact that he had previously made such decisions several times in the past but keeps going back to the petite Botswana damsel which may ultimately make or Mar him in the house. It however seems like this time around might be different putting into cognisance the frustrated and determined look on his face. It is however left to be seen if his decision stands the test of time and affects his game positively.



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