BBA Hotshots: Housemates That Deserved To Be Evicted

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Big Brother Africa Hot Shots

Well, five housemates have so far been evicted from this year’s Big Brother Africa Hotshots show and as another week is here, two or more housemates will probably follow suit and leave the house. The five housemates evicted so far are Resa, Mira, Lilian, Esther and Sabina. Curiously, the five housemates evicted so far are females and makes one wonder if voting Africans have an aversion for females or are perhaps voting along regional lines.

Some of the housemates were deserving of the eviction while others would seemingly have done better if they had spent a longer time in the house. Starting with Resa, the Zambian had started the show on a slow note trying to avoid controversies as much as possible. She had at several times discussed her concern and fears as regards possible eviction with her closest friend in the house, Sipe. The slow start might have been responsible for her being the first housemate to get evicted from the house even as Sipe cried as she left the house. Mira on her part was quite vocal in the house and even had an interesting sensual relationship with Luis. The slender Mozambican was the second evictee from the Big Brother house and she also was shy and exhibited nervousness from the onset of the show. Mira’s high point of being in the show was her relationship with Luis which was quite spontaneous and sensual. As Mira was told she had been evicted, she showed her love or admiration by kissing Luis who it increasingly seems used Mira as part of his strategy to stay longer in the house. Mira’s seclusion and relationship with Luis might have been the reason Africa voted her out of the Big Brother house.

Furthermore, the eviction of the following week came with surprises as Big Brother evicted three of the housemates instead of the usual two. Lilian, otherwise known as ‘sexy lilly’ was perhaps the surprise evictee. Known for her endless twerking and dancing in the house, the Nigerian brought a bit of spark into the house with her occasional tantrums and free spirit. It was surprising to some of the housemates especially her fellow Nigerian compatriot -Tayo, who was shocked with the news that is two close pals in the house (Lilian and Esther) got evicted. She however did not deserve to leave the house when she did as she was an interesting person from the onset.

The pint sized Ugandan, Esther other wise known as ‘small pepper’ was another housemate that didn’t deserve to be evicted at the point she was. Known for her fast paced talk and friendly nature, she brought an interesting mix of fun, game and wit to the Big Brother house. It was sad to see her leave as she constantly disturbed her fellow housemates with her chatterbox attitude and sharp tongue.

Sabina perhaps deserved to leave the Big Brother house when she did. The Kenyan mother of one had prior to her eviction from the house started acting mushy and missing her child. She had made a baby dummy which she affectionately called ‘ Harry’ which she strapped to her back for a whole day. She had told her fellow housemates that the dummy served as a reminder for her child on the outside whom she missed and can’t wait to be with. More so, her strategies seem to fail her as she had a few spats with some of the housemates including Sabina. She also kept to herself often, even though she sometimes played a motherly role with Sabina to the rest of the housemates. Perhaps this was why Africa voted her out of the house.

As another eviction show comes up this week, it is left to be seen if Africa will vote out housemates truly deserving of leaving the house and not those that bring fun and twists to the Big Brother house.




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