BBA Hotshots : Housemates Get Creative With First Task

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The housemates were briefed on their first Wager Task which was to showcase their special talents by branding themselves in creative posters.

Each one of the Hotshots worth didn’t get to the house without hard work and shameless self-promotion. The housemates were thus, tasked to don their artistic thinking caps, which is not expected to be hard for since they are a talented bunch. They were to design a poster that captures their talent and which also describes the reason why they deserve the adoration of numerous fans.

Laveda’s alluring rendition on the saxophone surprisingly impressed the crowd which inadvertently earned her the top-spot and positioned her as the first Head of House of the season. She has most certainly become a housemate in the competition to look out for.

Samantha Goitse and Resa were the first to find a work station and put the available tools to good use. But they weren’t alone as the rest were just as eager to sell themselves.

As all the housemates were busy with the task of getting the best poster Nhlanhla and JJ engaged in deep and meaningful conversation as they spoke about their individual careers and expectations for the future. While conversing about JJ’s acting career, they both agreed that it was demanding and required passion and dedication with Nhlanhla citing how Beyonce Knowles tends to forget when last she had a meal due to her busy schedule. JJ also suggested to Nhlanhla that he should pursue his law degree as he was still young.

JJ also shared his interest in farming to which Nhlanhla exclaimed saying they were meant to meet. Nhlanhla said he also hoped to partner up with JJ in the future in farming and other ventures.

They also talked about healthy eating and politics. With the business-inspired relationships established by these two, perhaps it could result in an alliance against the other housemates or will it serve to distract them both from their strategies? Only time will tell.



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