BBA Hotshots: Housemates Gang Up Against The New Head Of House

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The general feeling around the house of Nhlanhla’s emergence as Head of House was surprisingly calm even though the countenance and facial expressions of some of the housemate’s showed otherwise. The calmness of the housemates on hearing the news could be interpreted as them accepting Nhlanhla’s leadership role or perhaps the haters ate seething and strategizing on ways of frustrating him. The planning however seemed to come quite early as Alusa, Frankie, Arthur and Butterphly were heard secretly conspiring to nominate Nhlanhla for eviction.

After the eviction show, the four conspiring housemates were heard strategizing and making plans on how they would put an end to Nhlanhla’s stay in the Big Brother house. Nhlanhla’s emergence as Head of the House seemed to have left a bitter taste in the mouth of his fellow housemates as they made plans to plot against him. The plot against him is likely to work as Nhlanhla is a part of the Silver team which ultimately lost the Extravaganza, which made him up for nominations and ultimately, for possible evictions this coming Sunday. However, his emergence as Head of House saved him from the possible tragedy as he automatically became immune from nominations.

It will be interesting to watch how the housemates involved in the plot against Nhlanhla get to relate with the new Head of House this week bearing in mind things did not pan out the way they had wished for. However, the Housemates did not spend much time talking about their feelings on Nhlanhla winning the Head of House title even though Sheillah did repeatedly mention that she had been hoping to win the title but did not mind the fact that Nhlanhla had won. Tayo on his part expressed that he thought that he had won the task ahead of Nhlanhla.This week is already proving to be an interesting one and it will be interesting to see if the gang up will work or if the housemates involved will suck up to the new Head of House.




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