BBA Hotshots: Housemates Fight Over Food

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The relative peace and happiness experienced in the house for a couple of days was disrupted by a minor squabble over food. The conversation started in the kitchen as regards the lack of alcohol. The new head of house, Nhlanhla had placed eight bottles of alcohol in the fridge and Esther took four of those bottles for herself and her friends. This led other Housemates to start inquiring of what happened to the alcohol and invariably, the issue of housemates stashing food away came up.

The first story that came up was that of Nhlanhla secretly stashing bread-rolls for himself and bread running out in the house. Nhlanhla explained to his fellow housemates that he had only stashed away things that he had bought with his own notes. The squabble started just as Mr. 265 emerged out of nowhere shouting in Nhlanhla’s face and claiming that Nhlanhla told him not to eat the cheese in the fridge. Nhlanhla however denied the allegations, saying he had only told Mr. 265 not to play with the cheese.

The misunderstanding almost erupted in a scuffle as fingers were shoved and wiggled making it seem there was a riot going on in the kitchen. The argument continued for about an hour as the house was divided into two, with one group supporting the stashing of food and the other opposed to it. Sheillah appeared to be a peace-maker as she pushed Nhlanhla away from Mr. 265, invariably preventing the degeneration of the matter into fisticuffs. Nhlanhla on his part easily and quickly calmed down, saying he was not heating up from the argument but rather found it funny and outrageous that people would rather waste food than to be called to order.

It however seemed that main grouse of the housemates surrounds the availability of food and even though Alusa advised that the stashing away of food should stop, it is left to be seen what happens when the next supply of food comes in. Nhlanhla however insisted that he would keep to himself items that he bought personally with his notes.



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